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Out Now: “I Wanna Be Kate” tribute album is back after 22 years!

I Wanna Be Kate - The Songs of Kate Bush - Remastered & Expanded
“Two-Headed Hummingbird” by Gail Potocki features on the cover of the new album

22 years ago in 1998 I was reporting on this very site about the launch of the world’s first ever Kate Bush tribute album, being recorded and produced in Chicago, USA. Today, it’s re-released as I Wanna Be Kate: The Songs of Kate Bush Remastered & Expanded. Kate was so touched by the album when it was first released that she wrote Thomas a lovely note of thanks and wrote the words “I Wanna Be Thomas” on the back of the envelope. The album now consists of 24 tracks, including 7 brand new recordings – all sounding gorgeous thanks to the remastering work of Liam Davis in Chicago. Orders for the album on Bandcamp have been very strong. Here is the tracklisting of the 2020 remastered and expanded album:

  1. The Aluminum Group – L’Amour Looks Something Like You (2020 Remaster) 04:46
  2. Susan Voelz – The Sensual World (2020 Remaster) 04:16
  3. The Moviegoers – Hounds Of Love (2020 Remaster) 04:51
  4. Syd Straw – The Man With The Child In His Eyes (2020 Remaster) 03:12
  5. The J. Davis Trio – There Goes A Tenner (2020 Remaster) 05:07
  6. Nora O’Connor – The Saxophone Song (2020 Remaster) 05:15
  7. Justin Roberts – You’re The One (2020 Remaster) 04:50
  8. Mouse – Coffee Homeground (2020 Remaster) 04:56
  9. Catherine Smitko – Jig Of Life (2020 Remaster) 04:08
  10. Victoria Storm – The Kick Inside (2020 Remaster) 04:12
  11. The Baltimores – Running Up That Hill (2020 Remaster) 03:27
  12. Diamond Jim Greene – Home For Christmas (2020 Remaster) 03:42
  13. My Scarlet Life – Suspended In Gaffa (2020 Remaster) 03:36
  14. The Plunging Necklines – Kashka From Baghdad/Babooshka (2020 Remaster) 05:08
  15. Trinkets Of Joy – Love And Anger (2020 Remaster) 04:19
  16. Thomas Negovan – And Dream Of Sheep (2020 Remaster) 06:32
  17. Tom Dunning & Your Boyfriends – Not This Time (2020 Remaster) 05:01
  18. Butterfly Child – Top Of The City 04:56
  19. Zapruder Point – You Want Alchemy 03:33
  20. Yules – Cloudbusting 04:37
  21. Tristan an Arzhig – Joanni 06:03
  22. Grimeland – Among Angels (Live in Denmark) 05:43
  23. Michael Ross – A Coral Room 05:18
  24. Tom Dunning & Your Boyfriends – Nocturn (feat. Carol Keogh) 08:22
Limited edition vinyl is also available to order at Bandcamp here:

Producer Thomas Dunning has made the 7 newly recorded tracks (along with his own remastered recording of Not This Time) available as a limited edition 8-track EP on translucent aqua coloured vinyl – a gorgeous way to showcase the newer tracks AND all orders of the vinyl come with a full download of the entire 24-track digital album. Warm congratulations to Thomas and all the artists involved, both then and now – an amazing achievement. You can read all about the album at the brand new website:


I Wanna Be Kate – Remastered and Expanded tribute album!

Excited to tell you about this! Check out the teaser video for the launch next week of I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs of Kate Bush – Remastered & Expanded! The classic 1998 tribute album is reborn…PRE-ORDER


Kate debuted Before the Dawn 6 years ago today…

Opening night of Before the Dawn was utterly unforgettable, this day six years ago on August 26th 2014. I documented Kate’s amazing return to the live stage in a three-part podcast series which you can listen to below.

BEFORE THE DAWN Podcast Part 1 – The Dream Begins...

In this first episode, I trace the origins of Kate’s live comeback through the initial concept, rehearsals, massive media coverage, ticket frenzy and right up till opening night…

BEFORE THE DAWN Podcast Part 2 – The Show!

This 90-minute episode takes the listener right through her opening night performance on 26th August 2014, song-by-song, capturing the atmosphere, describing the on-stage action and celebrating one of the greatest returns to live performance in music history!

BEFORE THE DAWN Podcast Part 3 – Kate’s Triumph

The run of 22 shows begins! In this final Before the Dawn episode – all the excitement, ecstatic reviews, historic album chart success, celebrity attendees, awards, acclaim and the live album are all discussed in detail as Seán revisits the impact and lasting legacy of Before The Dawn….he even takes you for a browse through the merch stall. Enjoy!

Kate’s Mná na hÉireann discussed on Irish national radio

Ryan Tubridy hosts the main morning national radio programme on Irish RTE Radio 1 and, having recently discovered and been impressed by Kate’s work on the 1996 track Mná na hÉireann from the Common Ground (Voices of Modern Irish Music) project he asked musician and producer Donal Lunny on air to discuss it. Kate sang the song in the Irish language, and we discovered today for the first time that she actually attended the track recording in the RTE Studios in Dublin with the orchestra present, with Kate singing along with them before refining her final vocal later back in her own studios in England with Del Palmer. You can hear today’s interview below.

Bush Telegraph – Video Podcast – Moments Of Pleasure Pt. 2…

Regular Kate Bush Fan Podcast listeners will know that we host the Bush Telegraph series of audio chats with Darrell & Paul. Here’s Part 2 of their video episode Part 1 is here. Enjoy!

Paul and Darrell round up fans’ thoughts and comments about their favourite moments on Kate songs from ‘Hounds Of Love’ through to ‘Before The Dawn’. One of the guys is spotted wearing the BTD life jacket t-shirt, which is truly a rare sighting! Bush Telegraph are well known for their Kate reminiscences as teenagers, and this episode is no exception. We also get a fleeting visit from a live deer. Yes, you read that correctly! 

Kate featured in Tate Modern installation by Yinka Shonibare

British-Nigerian artist, Yinka Shonibare CBE, has included Kate’s name printed in gold on the spine of one of 2,700 books in an installation at the Tate Modern in London. Some of the books feature the names of first or second generation immigrants to Britain – Kate’s late mother, Hannah, was from Ireland. “Whether celebrated or lesser known, they have all made significant contributions to British culture and history. There are also books with the names of those who have opposed immigration. Other books are unmarked, suggesting that the story of immigration in Britain is still being written.” You can find Kate’s name, and read more about this installation here: (with thanks to James Russell for the news and photos of the artwork)

Yinka Shonibare photo
The artist, Yinka Shonibare CBE

Andy Samberg on using Kate’s Cloudbusting in “Palm Springs”

Andy Samberg‘s successful new time-loop comedy, Palm Springs, feature’s Kate’s Cloudbusting on the soundtrack in a pivotal scene toward the end of the film. The film is released on US streaming site, Hulu. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor both starred in and produced the new film, and had a hand in selecting the music for its soundtrack.

He says on the Pandora Stories podcast: “When we were making this movie we definitely wanted there to be a specific musical vibe to the soundtrack, we agreed that we wanted it to be something that was catchy and hooky but not necessarily modern stuff we loved… not stuff from the present day. And also songs that are classics, but not necessarily the ones you’ve heard too many times already.”

About Cloudbusting, he says it was “one of the best songs ever made…I love Kate Bush… I had this vision of this moment and this song and it sort of all coming together and it just made me feel very emotional and happy and made my brain tingle.” Samberg was determined that the song would make it into the film – so he delivered a personal plea to Kate after it had already been written into the script.

I wrote a letter to Kate Bush. I don’t know if she read it. If she did and this gets back to her somehow: ‘Thank you, Kate, so much. You’re a genius!’

If she never read it, all the same, I’m just so thrilled and happy that we got to put it in the movie. It elevates the moment so much. The moment in the movie was really designed for the song.

Andy Samberg

In an interview with Consequence of Sound, Samberg remarks: “It’s miraculous that we cleared it.”

New radio documentary on Kate’s 1979 tour

Live Aid 1985, Bob Marley & The Wailers 1975 and Kate Bush 1979 are some of the iconic gigs featured.

Absolute Radio in the UK is continuing a new season of documentaries called “I Was There“, introduced by Sophie K, with an episode about Kate’s 1979 tour featuring contributions from choreographer Anthony Van Laast, tour manager Richard Ames and writer Graeme Thomson. You can listen live at 8pm UK time on Sunday August 2nd here:

The series looks at the most iconic gigs in rock history, and also includes Woodstock, Live Aid, the Isle of Wight Festival 1970, Rolling Stones Altamont 1969, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley and more, all told by the people who were there; from the artists to the roadies, the producers to the fans.

From the episode description: “The first and (up until very recently) last tour of mercurial pop superstar Kate Bush. A show that aimed to combine music, dance, poetry, mime, burlesque, magic and theatre, was it too ambitious for its own good? Or did it change what could be achieved in pop?” Kate also features heavily in the series promo trailer below.

Happy Birthday, Kate!

It’s the 30th of July, which means it is the day fans flood social media with birthday messages for a woman who’s music means the world to them. Wishing you a fantastic day, Kate, filled with happiness and surrounded by your loved ones! xxx

Photo by John Carder Bush – from his book “Kate: Inside the Rainbow”
London Underground salute Kate on her birthday!
London Underground salute Kate today on her birthday!
Big Boi

Big Boi collaborating with Kate on his new album?

Longtime fan of Kate, Big Boi from Outkast, is no stranger to talking about wanting a musical collaboration between himself and his musical hero, Kate. For many years he has hinted at this, and here in a new video interview he once again teases the possibility – but doesn’t confirm it. Could it happen?! Enjoy the interview with Lindsey Parker here including nice stories of him meeting Kate at her show in 2014 and later, in 2017, having dinner with her and discovering the joys of a certain beverage. We’ll be paying close attention as his album release draws nearer…

Kate signed her live CD for Big Boi when they met for dinner in 2017

Kate on stage

More unseen 1979 Tour Photos from Max Browne!

As he continues to prepare his book of photos from Kate’s 1979 Lionheart tour, photographer Max Browne has again generously shared some never-before-seen shots. Max says: “I’m just having a drink after finishing going through and scanning all my original ’79 Tour reject shots – and there are some real winners amongst the ones I’ve rescued over the last few weeks so I thought I’d share a few with you. Bear in mind these have never been seen by anyone before…” Thanks Max! We’ll keep everyone posted on book news. More from Max at his site here:

Kate on stage 1979
James & the Cold Gun – photo Max Browne
Kate on stage
Strange Phenomena – photo Max Browne
Kate on Stage
Don’t Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake – photo Max Browne
Kate on Stage
Hammer Horror – photo Max Browne
Strange Phenomena
Strange Phenomena – photo Max Browne
Wow – photo Max Browne

Farewell to Q Magazine 1986-2020

Kate Bush features in Q Magazine through the years

We were very sad to hear that Q Magazine, a famous icon of the British music press since 1986, is to cease publication with its next issue as a result of being hit badly by the current pandemic and dwindling print sales. Kate has been featured in the magazine and on its cover many times, and in 2001 we had the great excitement of Kate emerging to accept their Classic Songwriter award. Who can forget that speech! Q gave Kate mostly very strong reviews throughout her career and only this month had Kate included in an illustrated cover montage. Thinking of all the staff at Q Magazine – thanks for all these years of writing about the music that we love.

Kate writes to French musician Pone about his “Kate & Me” album

We were delighted to see that French musician Pone has had a lovely message from Kate this week. Read about the remarkable “Kate and Me” album in our news story here. Pone, real name Guilhem Gallart, has composed an instrumental beat album, “Kate and Me“, as an ode to Kate Bush – each of the songs contain samples from one or more recordings Kate has made, interwoven with beats and rap vocals. Guilhem lives with motor neurone disease (also known as ALS) and, as he cannot move his body, he uses eye-tracking technology to compose and build his intricate compositions on a computer screen. He writes on his Facebook page: “je viens juste de recevoir le mail le plus incroyable de ma vie”

Pone - Kate and Me

Dear Guilhem,

I’ve only just become aware of your album, ‘Kate and Me’. I listened to it tonight and it blew me away. It’s very difficult to put into words how moved I am by this work and how great my admiration is for you.

The challenges you have overcome in order to accomplish this creation are simply astounding. You absolutely have my blessing if you want to release this album in order to raise money for your charity. Wishing you every success with all your projects.

With very best wishes.

Kate Bush

Bush Telegraph – special video episode!

Regular Kate Bush Fan Podcast listeners will know that we host the Bush Telegraph series of audio chats with Darrell & Paul. For a change, today Bush Telegraph venture into split screen video mode for the very first time and respond to fans’ ‘Moments of Pleasure’ requests. From the comfort of their own homes in the UK and USA, their transatlantic conversation covers fans’ favourite moments from The Kick Inside to The Dreaming, and their own reminiscences. There’s also a bonus pet feature! Enjoy.

Nina Leilani Deering 1985-2020

We are so sad to be sharing the news that Nina Leilani Deering of Baby Bushka died in a tragic car accident yesterday. If you have seen their live shows you’ll know Nina for her keyboard work and the show stopping version of This Woman’s Work she performed, which is also featured on the album of Kate Bush songs the band recently released. Our thoughts go out to Nina’s family, friends and Baby Bushka bandmates at this very sad time x

Nina Leilani Deering

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