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Sooz Kempner sings Kate Bush in March, London – special KBN/HomeGround concert!

Sooz Kempner sings Kate Bush at the RVT


Sooz Kempner is the brilliant stand up comedian, with sell out Edinburgh shows and a Doctor Who spin off, who has one of the best voices on the UK cabaret scene, AND who just happens to be a massive Kate Bush fan. 

If you have seen Sooz perform at Sunday Cabaret or one of the Kate themed charity shows at The RVT, you will have heard her stunning versions of songs such as Running Up That Hill, This Woman’s Work and Moments of Pleasure, plus her hilarious versions of Kate singing other people’s songs. NOW, in conjunction with HomeGround and, we are bringing you a whole show of Sooz singing Kate, plus she will be joined by the brilliant Michael Mayell, (formerly of the band Cloudbusting) on piano. This show will of course include some of Kate’s biggest hits, but also some real fan favourites, album tracks, b sides… it’s going to be a night for all Kate fans, whether you have loved her since Wuthering Heights or were introduced to her music by Stranger Things. (Tickets)

Tickets are here! £10 plus booking feeFriday 15th MarchDoors at 6pm, show starts at 7pm

New version of Go West song with Kate backing vocals surfaces

Go West – The King is Dead – 7″ single cover with hype sticker, 1987

In 1987, English pop duo, Go West, issued their second studio album which featured the single The King is Dead with Kate on backing vocals. The story goes that Kate’s guitarist, Alan Murphy, was working on the album with the band in Denmark and asked Kate if she could do some vocals on the track. Kate obliged by sending tapes over to them to work with. Apart from her repeatedly singing the song title behind much of the second half of the track, at 1 minute 45 seconds Kate belts out:

“You let me in behind the lies, but you’re no use to me life size…”

This month, Chrysalis Records have reissued the album in a deluxe package on CD/DVD and on vinyl record and it features a new previously unreleased version of the song, The King Is Dead (12″ Long Vibe Piano Mix). We can hear more Kate backing vocals, in particular a striking moment at the 4 minute 37 seconds mark! You can hear the track on Spotify here or on Youtube here. Album can be ordered here.

Go West – Dancing on the Couch reissue, clear vinyl edition, January 2024

From vocalist Peter Cox on the band’s official site: “At one point Richard said that it would be great if we could get a female backing vocal on the song ..someone like Kate Bush’. Al (Murphy, guitarist) had played in Kate’s band for many years and said, ‘Why not just ask Kate?’ He called her – she graciously agreed, and we sent her the multitrack tape. It was quite the moment when we heard what she had done – we hadn’t given her any notes or guidance, just let her do her fabulous thing.” Richard Drummie of the band continues: “This song is about meeting a hero and your established perception of them being different from the reality. That’s not their fault.. ‘no one’s to blame.. but it immediately appeared as a poignant situation we could write about. We wrote the song really quickly.”

The Kick Inside coloured vinyl edition finally released!

Kate fan Jeremy Unruh with the first copy of The Kick Inside coloured vinyl we’ve seen

Finally! Yes, of the ten gorgeous new coloured vinyl indie store editions of Kate’s albums this one has taken the longest to perfect and get out there! The Kick Inside on Mango Chutney translucent vinyl is finally being shipped to the US and to fans who ordered it on import elsewhere. Pictured is a beaming fan in France, our friend Jeremy Unruh, who scored the FIRST copy we’ve seen photographed out in the wild! Well done, Jeremy (and well done Jeremy’s husband, our friend Tristan!) – you both now have the full set. Delighted for you guys – enjoy (yes, we’re a little jealous here).

The Dreaming Escapologist Edition illustrated vinyl available to pre-order!

The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition) front cover

Beautiful! As promised, Kate will continue to release this series of illustrated vinyl editions of her albums, following Hounds of Love (Baskerville Edition), with The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition). As before, this features illustrations by Timorous Beasties, this time the front cover depicting the padlock (and a new ladybird friend!) for which escapologist Harry Houdini’s wife secretly passed the key from her mouth – as famously depicted by Kate and Del on the cover of the original album. Spot a KT symbol?

The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition) rear cover

The rear cover emulates the ivy and lyric quote from the original album sleeve, with some elegant dragonflies among the leaves. The inner sleeve depicts Harry’s successful escape. The album is issued on a single black vinyl disc with the 2018 remastered audio. The sleeve is banded by an obi strip with the album title. It is available for pre-order from Kate’s site and is shipped in late January, in time for Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th.

The Dreaming (Escapologist Edition) inner sleeve

On Kate’s updated site page for The Dreaming album she writes:

When we were recording The Dreaming album, I mentioned to my friend, Kevin McAlea, that I’d written a song for the album about Houdini.

Kevin then told me how Houdini’s wife used to pass a key to her husband with a kiss, just before he went on to perform one of his miraculous escapes. It was such a powerful image, I had to write it into the song …

… Then I thought how great it’d be as the front cover of the album, revealing the key in her mouth just before the kiss.

This new Edition tells in its own way, another version of the story –

A story that sets him free …

‘With a kiss, I’d pass the key’


Kate’s online store has four new items of merchandise which incorporate the new Escapologist Edition illustrated designs – a white t-shirt including back print, a bandana, a padlock enamel pin badge and a ceramic tile with wooden stand.

Kate tops Uncut Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of the 80s

This latest Ultimate Record Collection bookazine reviews and ranks the 500 Greatest Albums of the 1980s, as voted for by Uncut Magazine’s team of experts. While all four of Kate’s 1980s albums make the list, we think everyone can guess which one was honoured with the No.1 spot in this top 500! A great way to remember so much wonderful music from that brilliant decade, the magazine is available to order online here.

Remembering Del Palmer – Special memorial issue of HomeGround Magazine

As we all come to terms with the loss of Del Palmer, here at we’ve been discussing ways to remember and celebrate his life with you. We will be putting a podcast episode together, but one idea was to share some excerpts about Del from the pages of HomeGround Magazine. So, just as we shared the 40th anniversary special with you online in 2022 as a free PDF file download, we have put together this special issue of HomeGround which we hope manages to touch just a little on what made Del the incredible man that he was – but we know it only scratches the surface. Del passed away at home on Friday 5th January, surrounded by his family.

Krys, Peter, Dave and Seán have all written about Del for this memorial issue and you will find articles, photos and memories covering his life and career in music, including the indispensable interview with him that was conducted by HomeGround in 2007, not long after the release of the Aerial album. We hope that you find some comfort and happy memories in remembering Del this way, and that this helps to reflect the enormous outpouring of sadness and sympathy from you all around the world since the sad news was announced.

How do I get my copy of HomeGround’s Del Palmer memorial issue?

Option 1) PDF download You can download this special issue of HomeGround HERE – this is a PDF document file that you can read on your computer, or print out at home if you wish.

Option 2) View online. You can read this special issue of HomeGround on any browser/device below as a flipbook. This is quite handy and we think you’ll only have to click away one pesky ad before reading. NB: We recommend that you view it FULLSCREEN. To open in Fullscreen click on the three dots on the top menu and select the Fullscreen option from the dropdown. You may need to close one brief advertisement when the magazine first opens. For iPads/tablets or phones it may be better to use this direct link to view the magazine online. Rotating your device from portrait to landscape orientation will display the magazine in the recommended two page spread.

Del Palmer 1952-2024

Photo by Edward Quant – Del playing his “Egly” bass at the Belfast Empire, Nov 25th 2018

We are heartbroken to tell you that Del Palmer passed away at home, yesterday, Friday January 5th, surrounded by his family. Del had dealt with health issues over the last few years and the announcement came today on social media from his niece, Debbii Louise Palmer on behalf of Del’s family. We don’t need to tell anyone out there the monumental role Del has always played in Kate’s work and music – it’s impossible to quantify. As this news sinks in, we will have more to share with you all about our friend Del, and we will be talking much more about his incredible life and career in the coming days as we remember this remarkable musician and wonderful, irreplaceable man.

We extend our deepest sympathies to Del’s family and loved ones, to Kate, to his many friends, and all the people who knew and worked with Del throughout his brilliant career in music. He’ll be so very missed. Rest in peace, Del. You are so loved – Seán, Peter, Krys and Dave x

Update from Kate (10th Jan): Kate has remembered Del on her official site. We again extend our deepest sympathies to you, Kate.


It’s hard to know what to say… He was a big part of my life and my work for many years.

It’s going to take a long time to come to terms with him not being here with us.

He was incredibly creative – talented in lots of different ways. He was a brilliant musician, bass player, a great artist – he was always drawing. Once he covered a whole recording consul in cartoons. It took him days and it looked absolutely stunning.

He taught himself to be a recording engineer, engineering several of my albums and later releasing his own.

The image above is a mosaic that Del made. He called it Tree of Life.

I’m going to miss him terribly.


Happy New year 2024!

Happy New Year to all our site visitors, our podcast listeners, and to Kate Bush fans everywhere. You are all wonderful and we are so grateful to have had you visit us. 2024 is a brand new year for our beautiful, one and only, planet – the fact that you listen to, embrace and share powerful music like that of Kate’s and other incredible artists has already made next year SO much better. You are amazing. Thank you for making things better. Continue to enjoy and share all the good things in 2024.

New podcast: The Red Shoes 30th Anniversary!

A digitally expanded version of the album artwork for The Red Shoes

Hoping that you are all enjoying a wonderful Christmas season! In our latest episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast, Paul in the UK, and Darrell in the USA, continue their album anniversary podcast chats and reminiscences. Paul and Darrell have been life-long fans of Kate, and from school friends to the present day, they have much to chat about. Here they discuss Kate’s seventh album ‘The Red Shoes‘, celebrating the 30th anniversary of this iconic album. We get to hear about their first responses to the album in 1993, and how they feel about it today. We also get to hear about Paul’s experience of going to the film premiere of ‘The Line, The Cross, And The Curve’, Kate’s visual companion to the album. Journal reviews are discussed and radio clips are played, bringing us right back to where it all started with this most personal of Kate’s albums. That and whole lot more. Enjoy!

You can subscribe to the Kate Bush Fan Podcast on iTunes or Spotify or on any podcast app you happen to use, such as Podcast Addict or Tunein or listen below on Soundcloud.


Kate’s Christmas message

Kate has posted a very thoughtful and reflective Christmas message on her official site, attempting to find the Christmas spirit in a troubled world! Lovely to hear from her, as always. Happy Christmas, Kate!

I hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas – just around the corner now. I wasn’t much looking forward to it, but in the last few days, I really am.

I was very excited to see the positive feedback about the reissues and the redesign of the website. It’s been a lot of work, but when you see such lovely comments, it all makes it worthwhile. It really does. Thank you so much.

What a year it’s been. I’d always hoped that the human race would become more spiritual, gentle creatures as we moved into the future but it has proved to be the absolute antithesis.
The world is at war while the planet burns…. What is going on?

I‘m among a group of friends who don’t watch the news any more. It now seems to be a global trend. Of course we want to stay informed but sometimes elements of the visual reporting feel horrifically voyeuristic.

I’ve tried to write this piece three times so far, looking for something positive to focus on, but that’s been hard to find.

I stand in awe of running water. Especially hot, running water. It is a miracle. You turn on the tap and hot, clean water gushes out of the tap. A miracle! Yes, but then I think about the people caught in the many wars that are raging right now and at the very heart of these are the children caught up in the wars. They don’t always have clean water and they really need a miracle. Christmas is a time for little children: a time of wonder and the promise of magic… looking towards a new year, to a future.

It makes me feel so lucky that we can celebrate Christmas in the way we do, but also so sad. The effect of war on all people is massive, but on children…

It’s so incredibly important that charities like War ChildUNICEF and the NSPCC are there to support and help children. Their incredible work might be more important than it’s ever been when the modern world seems to make few concessions for children at the hands of evil created by adults.

I hope you all have a really wonderful Christmas, with the promise of magic, and let’s all pray for a year ahead that brings us some opportunities to talk about happy things.

Best wishes,


Mojo Special Edition – Kate Bush Essentials out soon!

Lavish “bookazines” dedicated to prestige music artists have become part of the print publishing landscape and Kate has been featured on a good many at this point. Still, you will never find me complaining if there’s a well-written Kate Bush primer on the newsagent shelves waiting to inform and delight the casual KB-dabbler and seasoned fan alike. Mojo Magazine‘s newest series has previously showcased David Bowie, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones.

And they’ve just managed to get Kate Bush Essentials out before Christmas, PRE-ORDER IT HERE. I was involved in a bit of fact-checking with the editorial team at Mojo for this edition – something I’m always happy to do to try to avoid those niggling factual errors creeping in! Some great new writing in here, including from Tom Doyle who wrote that wonderful 50 Visions of Kate Bush book that was released last year.

From the blurb:

MOJO The Collectors’ Series: Kate Bush Essentials

“MOJO’s definitive guide to Kate Bush’s albums, songs, videos and books.

When Kate Bush was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November 2023, singer and super-fan St Vincent posed a question: “How could someone be this genius and pure and completely free?”

While that’s a question that only Bush herself can truly answer, MOJO’s Kate Bush Essentials sheds new, revelatory light on the artist’s almost preternatural gifts as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Written by our team of Kate Bush experts, this deluxe 132-page bookazine guides fans through every one of her releases, song by song, from Wuthering Heights in 1978 to last year’s chart-topping reissue of Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God). We also celebrate her pioneering promotional videos, rare live appearances and the best in Bush literature. As a special treat, there’s also a ‘lost’ interview from 1989, in which the singer talks at length about her life and work, beginning with her new album at the time, The Sensual World.

Beautifully illustrated with sleeve artwork and rare and iconic photographs, Kate Bush Essentials is a must-have for all music fans and makes the perfect gift for the festive season.”

Kate Bush Essentials goes on sale on Thursday, December 21. You can Pre-order your copy here

Record Collector reappraises the Lionheart album

An excellent new article in the latest edition of Record Collector magazine by Neil Hussey reassesses Kate’s wonderful second album, Lionheart, on its 45th anniversary and explores how it was recorded, nicely tying in with Darrell’s recent Kate Bush Fan Podcast chat with the producer of that record, Andrew Powell.

For many – including some of Bush’s own fans – Lionheart is a relatively minor work, a rather hastily-conceived follow-up to her striking, incandescent debut. Yet Lionheart is a finely-crafted, strikingly original record, too harshly judged. It’s a record replete with moments of warm sensuality, quiet intimacy, bold lyrical ideas and grandiose musical statements – the kind of record you just couldn’t imagine anyone else making. 

Neil Hussey, Record Collector Magazine

This issue is in shops in the UK and Ireland or order online here. Also included in this issue is a free 2024 calendar which has a very delightful December page for Kate Bush fans! Thanks to Paul Thomas for the photos.

New podcast episode – Andrew Powell Interview!

Image designed by Jay Noorman

In this new episode of The Kate Bush Fan Podcast, Darrell, co-host of Bush Telegraph had the rare opportunity of chatting with Andrew Powell, producer and arranger of Kate’s first two iconic albums, The Kick Inside and Lionheart. Listen in as they discuss the very first time Powell met Cathy Bush as a 16 year old, and the songs they eventually chose and recorded together. We also get to hear how Kate’s vocal and piano playing with a live orchestra for ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes’ was recorded all in one take – still at this incredibly young age.

Many new things are revealed and discussed. What David Bowie song did Kate cover when Powell worked with her in Japan? What songs did not get included on the published albums? And what was it like for Andrew Powell to hear ‘Wuthering Heights’ for the first time played by Kate in his flat? These questions and a whole lot more are revealed in this podcast with iconic producer, arranger, composer, conductor and musician, Andrew Powell.

You can subscribe to the Kate Bush Fan Podcast on iTunes or Spotify or on any podcast app you happen to use, such as Podcast Addict or Tunein or listen below on Soundcloud.


New podcast episode – Brian Bath Interview – Part One!

Brian Bath colour photo credit: Izzy Chapman (design thanks to Brian Cloughley!)

A very special new episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast! Few people have more of an insight into Kate Bush’s very earliest career and rise to fame than her bandmate and friend, the wonderful guitarist and songwriter, Brian Bath. Seán talks to Brian about his growing up in London in school bands with his friend Del Palmer, befriending and making music with a young Paddy Bush in 1970, visits to the Bush family home, forming bands with Vic King and Charlie Morgan and ultimately forming The KT Bush Band in 1977 with Del, Vic and Kate to briefly take the London pub and club scene by storm before Kate recorded her debut album! Historic stuff. And this is only Part One of our conversation! p.s. Listen out for some never-before-heard audio treats too.

Brian Bath music timeline – Seán’s handy Excel sheet or click here!

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New Podcast Episode – Fish People Reissues discussed!

In this new episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast Seán chats to Dave Cross from HomeGround about the upcoming Fish People reissue of Kate’s catalogue as she switches distribution to The State51 Conspiracy and how she has taken that opportunity to also release gorgeous independent record store colour vinyl editions of her albums, extraordinary new vinyl and wall art presentations of Hounds of Love, and more! We also discuss the new short film pieces Kate has written and directed, who she has been working with, why all this is happening now, and what nuggets we can glean from Kate’s lovingly reimagined new website. We round off with a brief chat about Kate’s induction last week into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – a busy episode! Thanks as ever to Dave for his knowledge on all things record industry (and on all things Kate Bush!)

You can subscribe to the Kate Bush Fan Podcast on iTunes or Spotify or on any podcast app you happen to use, such as Stitcher or Tunein or listen below on Soundcloud.


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