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King of the Mountain – some press updates

As we wait excitedly for Wednesday’s King Of The Mountain airplay debut the press articles are continuing this weekend. The Sunday Times explores “10 essential examples of Kate Bush’s bold and trailblazing work with words, music, vocals and production”. In stark contrast however, and very unfortunately, The Daily Mail yesterday (17th Sept) managed to run a full page article which basically presented a re-hashed amalgam of all the laughably untrue “information” they claim to present on Kate. To be honest, despite otherwise low expectations, it even took some of us aback in it’s scathing, uninformed analysis. We’ve heard most of this nonsense before; that Kate is a paranoid recluse surrounded by security gates etc, but quite how the writer Paul Scott can justify mentioning Michael Kamen’s heart attack in relation to Kate’s “demanding control freakery” is beyond us. A completely repugnant and disgraceful comment. This site can only assume that a grudge is held by that particular publication due to Kate’s perceived lack of “playing the celebrity game”.

We once again commend Kate on her stance to simply remain exactly true to who she is, she deserves nothing less. Hats off to her – she’s an inspiration.

Kate’s New Single To Get BBC Radio 2 Premiere on Sept 21st

We can confirm that Kate’s single King of the Mountain will be played for the first time on BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce show 9.30am to 10.30am on Wednesday 21st September (thanks to Krys at HomeGround). The 12th September issue of Music Week has described the song: “This rhythmic gem grows and grows from an almost electronic-sounding start to suggest that the wait has been well worth it.” They report that the album will be a double set, one disc made up of a single track, lasting more than half an hour, the other comprising around seven tracks. It also says that “the Bush project is the diamond in EMI’s schedule.” The single is also listed under their “key singles” in their chart pullout. (thanks to Ian on the forum)

The news spreads!

As expected, the news of Kate’s new album Aerial has been quickly reported just about everywhere, the BBC website being one example. Please take a look at our forum’s Medialog section where many of these reports have been gathered together. Articles have already been published in UK newspapers The Independent and The Daily Mirror.


Well, hello there! It’s been twelve long years since The Red Shoes in 1993, but finally in a press release this morning EMI Records have proudly confirmed the fantastic news: Kate’s hugely anticipated new work, her eighth studio album, will be released worldwide on November 7th 2005 (Nov 8th in USA). It will be a double album.

It is entitled Aerial. The first single King Of The Mountain precedes the album on October 24th. Both the single and album are produced by Kate Bush. This site, in conjunction with HomeGround The Kate Bush Magazine will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know as the excitement mounts. Be sure to visit our busy site forum to discuss the release of this brand new music. Kate Bush is back in business, we are delighted and we wish her all the very best over the coming months.

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