The Kick Inside reviewed once more

US cover of The Kick InsideThe Kick Inside has just been reviewed! Well, it’s actually a re-listen by a writer to an old favourite in the online US arts review Deep Magazine. “When I was thirteen, The Kick Inside sounded so sophisticated. It was an album filled with dramatic and dreamy songs about love set in Berlin bars and casinos and candlelit dinners and the dark brooding passion of that classic misanthrope Heathcliff, all mixed up with the philosophies of Gurdjieff and a Gnostic Jesus and Sufi dervishes and Om Mani Pad Me Hum and a hippie-dippy new age vibe that somehow didn’t offend me at all…the other day I pulled it out and listened to The Kick Inside for the first time in years. Within seconds I was slack-jawed and on the verge of tears. I was back in my youth, back in my moments of longing for something more, something pure, and something innocent.” Read the full review (which will instantly make you put your copy of the album back on rotation) here

Japanese visitors will want to know that Sozo in Japan has updated his Japanese version of this news page (thanks Sozo, find the site here).

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