Listen to ‘And So is Love’ on the BBC iPlayer

Ken Bruce played Kate’s new version of ‘And So is Love‘ from Director’s Cut on his BBC Radio 2 show today. You can listen again by going to 1 hour 55 minutes into the iPlayer stream here.

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9 Responses to Listen to ‘And So is Love’ on the BBC iPlayer

  1. Keith says:

    Love it. Can’t wait to hear it properly on my system. Very haunting, haunted. Even with the change of lyric: That’s not syrup “sweet” but bitter “sweet.” Beautiful.

  2. Not a huge change from the original. Seems Clapton’s guitar is far more prominent in the mix. Her voice sounds great.

  3. Peter says:

    Is it just me, or does Kate sound like she’s recorded herself and then set the speed on her new analogue tape recorder 10% too slow 😀 ?

    Especially on “And So is Love”, it sounds like she’s “under speed”.

    That and the slightly weird “ghost wailing” BVs. Hmm… might take some getting used to.

    She was saying on the Ken Bruce interview that she likes the “warm” sound of analogue tape, compared to the harshness of the original digital recording. I like warm, but this track has most of the backing now buried in cotton wool! One extreme to the other.

    Still, at least “life is sweet” for her now. Puts a very different spin on the track compared to the original. But to be honest, I preferred the melodrama and angst of the original.

  4. giulio says:

    no…. 🙂
    This time I’m going to be stronger Kate….I’m not going to listen
    to any prerelease songs anymore…. Monday the 16th is not so far away
    by now 🙂

  5. It’s amazing listening to these tracks here, and hearing how new and fresh they actually sound. I like how Kate has stripped them down, keeping them more raw. The lack of backing vocals on the majority of the tracks I’ve heard so far have made them more intense and personal, in my opinion. ‘Never Be Mine’ is the one I really want to hear. The little snippet I heard a while back sounded so amazing!

  6. Vibesinthesky says:

    There isn’t a great deal of difference from the original instrumentation wise, the major change is the use of voice and slight, but telling, lyric change from “life is sad” to “life is sweet” which I think really works sung from the viewpoint of a woman in her early fifties. Overall, although I’ll have to listen to it a few times, I think I’m going to end up liking it more than the original, which I loved!

  7. Oh no – I’ve got to disagree with ViTS!

    All the anguish in her voice is gone – and the texture is now so warm and gentle and beautiful – the same song but a different person singing it.

    I like happy Kate!

    • Vibesinthesky says:

      Hello arose, I’m not exactly sure what you’re disagreeing with, I didn’t say I don’t like the “new” voice, just that it’s a different use of it; I perhaps should have qualified this with “…. the change of use of voice which is now so warm and gentle and has lost all the anguish”, but you’ve now said it for me anyway! I’m just not as eloquent with words as you, my friend.

  8. I found this really disappointing. Perhaps I would be best to just wait for the physical released and listen to them in correct track order…but I’m concerned I’m not going to be very enthralled by it. Oh well, I’m the sucker who paid new money for old songs, it’s not like we weren’t told exactly what they were going to be.

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