And currently the biggest selling album in Tower Records Dublin is…

Tower Records, Dublin, June 1st 2011

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4 Responses to And currently the biggest selling album in Tower Records Dublin is…

  1. Yay! On another note, I’m thrilled to see a Tower Records still operating somewhere. When the one in Piccadilly Circus in London closed, a bit of my soul went with it.

  2. Yes Sean, I bet it took a while to move them all up to No.1 and swap the stickers around…

    Seriously, that is a good sight to see – seeing the album at No. 2 in my local HMV cheered me, esp when I saw at least 3 people walk up and take a copy – inc one couple who even did the whole ‘ooh, Kate Bush, haven’t listened to her in ages – oh, we must buy that’ routine.

  3. Pat Gleeson says:

    Great ! Tower is my favourite record store in Dublin .

  4. Harry Horton says:

    The album Director’s Cut looks like it is selling well in Ireland. I was wondering how Kate Bush’s sheet music sells though. Or how important is it in the commercial vein of things, these days alongside CDs and albums. The reason I ask, Would this web site display the sheet music of her songs, the actual writing of her songs to copy off from. I would love to play some of her music on piano by copying it off the internet. But I guess that is asking too much. I’ll have to find a music store for the sheet music. Perhaps.

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