Kate nominated Artist and Live Event of the Year at the Prog Awards!

Kate and David Rhodes perform Aerial live

Prog awards logoThe Orange Progressive Music Awards take place on Thursday September 3rd at Underglobe, beneath Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on London’s Southbank. They will be presented by Matthew Wright.

From the awards site: “It’s the night when the glitterati of the prog world gather to honour talent old and new, from those acts making their first tentative forays into the wider musical world, to the prog overlords who have been there, done it and are now receiving a well-deserved slap on the back for their endeavours.”

We can all vote for Kate in two categories: Artist of the Year and Live Event of the Year. Click here to register and vote!

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7 Responses to Kate nominated Artist and Live Event of the Year at the Prog Awards!

  1. Terry Nield says:

    Kate bush best live show I’ve ever seen

  2. Tim says:

    I second that. Good luck Kate!

  3. Christopher. says:

    I was there on the second night.

  4. Mark says:

    Didn’t see the show. Not going to vote for something I haven’t seen.

  5. I will always vote for Kate Bush.x Because everything she does is amazing, she is a wowzer and only wish that we could see more of her. I did see her in concert because all the tickets were sold out.

    Looking forward to the dvd coming out.

  6. I would like to say it has been my dream to see Kate Bush performing live. I went to Before The Dawn concert and can honestly say it was the most amazingly fantastic covert I’ve ever seen my son bought the tickets for my birthday and although not a fan has been to lots of concerts by other artists including Glastonbury he’s twenty five he said in all the concerts he’ s been to Kate’s is by far the best performance and live show he had seen.Truly fabulous.Thank you Kate.X

  7. Robert Spileos says:

    Traveled from Boston, USA to see an amazing magical show.

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