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5o Words For Snow

No, we couldn’t believe it either – two albums from Kate Bush in one year. Kate released a brand new album: “50 Words For Snow” on 21st November 2011. The album was the second new release from Kate’s own label Fish People and comprised all new material that was recorded during the same period that Kate worked on her album Director’s Cut. “50 Words For Snow” features seven brand new tracks set against a background of falling snow. The album was yet another Top 5 UK chart hit for Kate and was showered with award nominations, scooping the prestigious South Bank award. The album is accompanied by three short films directed by Kate; ‘Wild Man’. ‘Mistraldespair’ and ‘Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe’. The album spawned two singles; ‘Wild Man’ and a double A-side 10″ vinyl release of “Lake Tahoe/Among Angels”. The total running time is 65 minutes and the track listing is:


You can order your copy at any of the following online stores: HMV iTunes Amazon Play

Fifty Words For Snow

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  1. Can’t wait for the new album. I listen to kate’s albums everyday. I absolutely adore it and feel like her songs are old friends. Love Mary Helen Kehoe.xxxx

  2. Michael J

    Best new I’ve heard all year. Truely an event.

  3. Andy R

    Simply, MAGIC!!

  4. Adrian

    Cool, love the new single

  5. Michelle Horner

    I can’t wait for Kate’s new Album to come out, Christmas will definately be MAGIC again!

  6. Russ

    I can’t describre the feeling I get when I hear a new Kate release is around the corner. Not only do I know it will be great, but levels above anything else I’ve heard from almost every other artist since her last release.

  7. Andrew Thompson

    I am very impressed by the production and quality of Wild Man, and if it is an indication of the quality of the new CD 50 Words For Snow, then I for one am looking forward to being snowed in for the duration of Winter

  8. Bryan Nege

    Sleepless nights until the release ! She´s the most fascinating singer ever born ! I love her music with ALL my heart !!

    • u are spot on, the word legend gets used far to often nowadays. but kate bush is a 100% pure legend doesnt need tv or to promote lets her music d0 the talking .sheer class

  9. billy

    The album is a masterpiece.

  10. James

    Absolutely beautiful,

    A winters answer to A Sky of Honey

  11. 50 Words for Snow takes Kate’s writing to new levels – these are are not rock or pop songs but are ‘Art’ songs. A beautifully crafted set of songs that I feel has an inherent sadness about them. The more you listen to them the more you get from them. They are songs you have to listen to alone. I’ve already lost count how many times I’ve played the album.
    Thanks Kate!


    Bassist with Konchordat

  12. Simply stunning.

  13. Ricardo

    thank u kate for this wonderful year. 2 albums! and 50 words for snow is so so so beautiful!

    and thank u to all the team for the fantastic websit you run. i know it’s a lot of effort and work, but just so you know, all kate bush fans worlwide are grateful for it.

  14. John Fitzsimons

    Just relistened to Aerial and the new album.Kates’ voice remains peerless.So unique in this world of sameness.How are you going to top this Kate I don’t know? Just go raibh mile mile maith agat to you.Shona Nollaig and peace to all your family this Xmas and 2012.

  15. Tony

    Does anyone know where to get the promotional posters for the new cd -the album cover and the two new photos of Kate?

  16. john

    kate music leaves a bit of her in your heart and it will never go away

  17. Manuel Gago

    I don´t have words to describe her new excellente and beautiful album, 50 words for snow. It´s the best way to finish the year. It is going to be my soundtrack for christmas night after dinner. I recomend this album full of sensitivity to everyone. The album of the year!!!.

  18. Sarah Stredwick

    I am in awe of kate’s talent for creating true masterpieces. Her songs stay with you long after you’ve heard them, they affect me deeply. I love the way she writes, she is a stunning story teller, beautifully poetic, haunting yet uplifting! 50 words for snow has to be savoured and experienced in one go, a real treat.

  19. Elizabeth

    All of us are truly blessed to have existed at the same time on this planet as Kate. I hope she knows this, and I think she does.

  20. Alistair L

    A bit belated this.
    But I’ve had a love affair with her music since i was very young.
    I just want to thank Kate for releasing her new Album on the same day as my Birthday last November.
    A lovely present.

  21. Not The Real Stephen Merrit

    I’m really proud that I finally got to own Kate Bush’s entire discography up to date. 50 Words for Snow was the perfect Christmas gift I could give myself 🙂 I especially like the track featuring Elton John!

  22. Winston David Hughes

    I can’t believe its been almost a year since this stunning piece of work was released. Kate has given me another album which helps form the backbone of the soundtrack of my life. They say man can’t make something thats perfect but Kate Bush can and does with the music she gives us.

  23. David Lang

    Its getting Wintery, time to listen to 50 words….. Bliss!!!!

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