Fake Bush

From the Press Release:

Accept no imitations. Demand the Fake Bush experience Fake Bush was born from an egg on a mountain top. Fake Bush is funky, she never stop. She knows all the magic tricks under the sun, teased the gods and everyone and had some fun. The result of a one woman experiment with a Kate Bush CD, a radio active microwave, lots of alcohol and a dressing up box, Fake Bush is an affectionate comic salute to Kate Bush, High Priestess of Pop. Available for weddings, funerals and bah mitzvahs.

Fake Bush has had the delight of performing at numerous cabaret venues, festivals and gay clubs. National Soundalike Winner, Brighton Festival Best Actress Finalist, Brighton Festival Best Stage Show Finalist.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/fakebush#ixzz0uWC8xVX1