Merry Christmas!

Wishing all our site visitors a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year! Thanks for all the support in 2010, it means everything. Special thanks to Mike Wade for his tireless work on the forum, to Brian Cloughley for his beautiful site design work, to Del Palmer for all his encouragement this year, and, of course, to Kate for the music.

As the holiday season approaches, we’re thinking especially of Rachel Anne Lisi, our online friend, who passed away on November 10th. Her death at such a young age sent shockwaves through the Kate Bush fan community, and her brilliance, talent, passion and warmth will never be forgotten.  Our thoughts are with her family and friends.


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6 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Ritchie says:

    This is truly a wonderful photographic obituary that you have left for your friend Rachel. Thank-you for sharing her images. This Women’s Work is a very emotional song and put together with your friends passing brought tears to my eyes. I trust that your sadness is not ever lasting and in the future your memories of Rachel will bring a sparkle to your eyes. Ritchie. Perth. Western Australia.

  2. Lisa says:

    Lovely to see this tribute to Rachel on the site.

    Happy Christmas everyone !

    Lisa x

  3. John says:

    Such a sad loss at such a young age. Whenever I think of the Homeground forum one of the first things to spring to mind will be the endless debating with Rachel. Her relentless debating skills and intellect were more than a match for most on many, many occasions. She really made you work for your answers and opinions, and kept you honest.

    Sending Love to all her family and friends this Christmas and beyond.

  4. Happy Christmas to all the KBNI & HG folks. Thanks for posting the tribute to Rachel, too. I know she would be so happy to see it here and that she is remembered fondly by all who knew her from the forum.

  5. Sky says:

    So glad KBNI has left a tribute to Rachel – a very special lady, greatly missed but whose spirit still burns for those who remember. Thank you so much for this – and especially for using songs by both Kate and Tori. Rachel will be chuckling. Love and light. Sky xxxx

  6. Natan says:

    Just remember that December Will Be Magic Again.

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