Deeper Understanding download released on April 5th! Listen to clip!

Amazon has added Deeper Understanding to their MP3 store – the song will be available on April 5th. You can listen to a preview clip here. New Kate! The track is listed as having a running time of 6 minutes 32 seconds (that’s almost two minutes longer than the original version).

Deeper Understanding


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29 Responses to Deeper Understanding download released on April 5th! Listen to clip!

  1. Paul says:

    That Robot voice sounds creepy..

  2. David Rubin says:

    WOW, talk about exciting. I have been thrilled since I heard about the new reworking.
    Yes, it does sound creepy, and interesting to hear. I hate autotune, but the way Kate has used it is very interesting. Just think how GREAT the whole thing will sound.
    I think she has always been ahead of the times in music but this is just far out.
    I can’t wait to hear it with headphones (NOT EAR BUDS) on vinyl.

    Thank you Kate for all the wonderful worlds you have given us to explore.

  3. Luke says:

    I like the new arrangement, and the vocoder is what I was expecting, frankly. However, I’m not sure about the melody change. Was it necessary? I’ve always thought the original chorus to “Deeper Understanding” one of her most beautiful. I hope she includes that original melody at least once in this new version. And if not, maybe the new melody will grow on me? I look forward to hearing the rest though, for sure. =]

  4. Isabelle says:

    I can’t sleep because of this! Oh, 8 days left…

  5. cwg says:

    my, my, my… I like! It’s just as creepy as some of her early work and it just reeks of kate-experimentation… and might not a sentient computer sound such a way? and why not! and it’s just differnet enough to have justified a re-working… can’t wait to hear the full length version soon, very soon!

  6. Wieland says:

    I already know that this will become a hit.

  7. Ymaginatif says:

    OK … I’m going to cancel my pre-order with amazon …

  8. Andrea Rubera says:

    I’m frankly disappointed by this preview… I hope the whole stuff will be better.
    I think warping voice in a digital way is a too simple and old fashioned solution…
    I agree: the Trio Bulgarka/KB chorus was one the best things ever heard!

  9. Please please *please* let this be an April Fool’s Joke.
    To my ears, it sounds amateuristic and completely unnecessary as a new arrangement.
    Frankly, it’s more like some bad Lady Gaga mix (at best)…
    Hard to judge a clip of just 30 seconds, I know, but I’m afraid this will not do anything to improve on the original.

  10. mats says:

    My first impression was “What is this?”- but as with all Kates stuff it will surely grow for the better

  11. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

  12. bardsworld says:

    I’d always rather enjoyed thinking of my computer having Kate’s voice, it is what one wants to imagine. Now the auto-tune is what I’d expect the machine to sound like but doesn’t offer the deeper understanding the song spoke of. Still, exciting to hear a sneak peek, can’t wait for Director’s Cut!

  13. Sam says:

    The preview isnt working for me, is my computer just retarded or are other people having this problem?

  14. Craig says:

    Same for me. Seems they took down the preview – why, I wonder?

  15. Tim says:

    The clip does NOT work any more!

  16. Craig says:

    You can still listen to it on Wikipedia.

  17. Drew Campbell says:

    Wow… It took a bit of hunting to track down the sample here in the US, and I hate to say -anything- critical of Kate… I’ve loved everything, no matter how “weird” she’s gotten (with her music!) (:))

    I agree – It’s tough to judge from a clip like that… maybe that’s just one chorus… but in its present state, it’s unfortunate. (I reserve my full opinion for the 4th… Plus I’m sure no one really cares – LOL).

    My ultimate point? It sounds like it’s being sung by GLaDOS from Portal.

  18. Auto-tune on a Kate Bush song?!?! Personally, I take offense to it and consider it musical blasphemy!

    I hope the rest of the upcoming Director’s Cut album does NOT have anything at all resembling auto-tune on it.

    Please Kate, it’s not too late to go back into the studio and re-re-remix Deeper Understanding and remove that terrible auto-tune noise. It’s ruining a perfectly good Kate Bush classic!

    I hope I haven’t been vague.

  19. Alpha says:

    I have to say – if it’s legitimate – that I’m disappointed. I don’t think it kept the best parts of the original and expanded. It discarded a beautiful melodic chorus and went with a trite “special effect”. I am looking forward to hearing more, but I am very concerened by what I just heard. Maybe it’ll grow on me…but I loved the original….

  20. Craig says:

    If Kate is using autotune or vocoders, she knows what she’s doing. This is a woman with decades of experience making music and experimenting with different instruments. Calm down and wait for the single and album releases. (Anyway, how could she improve on the original song? All she can do is take it in new and hopefully interesting directions.)

  21. Greg says:

    I really, really hope this is a joke. That clip is horrendously bad. It doesn’t even sound like her. It’s creepy, cheesy and inexplicably more 80s sounding than the original. All my enthusiasm for new Kate just went out the window. Very disappointed.

  22. Marquois says:

    Love it; the robot voice adds a deeper, more meaningful, level to the song and the drums sound fab in the background. I can imagine how this song will grow into a powerful one by the end. Everyone wants ‘new’ KB and here we have something a little different. Don’t write it off just yet.

  23. Phillip says:

    I don’t think it’s really fair to judge the whole piece based on a 20-second soundbite. Considering that these songs are re-interpreted, they will sound different than the originals. For a true Kate fan, it doesn’t matter. We WILL buy the album, and we WILL find something to love about it. Some songs will thrill us immediately, others will grow on us and we will come to cherish them as any other. If all of you want to judge and be critical over a small sample…well…okay…you do that. Let’s see if you can do these songs better than the person who’s been making music for more than 30 years.

  24. Robert says:

    It seems the Wikipedia cli is gone now too. Any chance of hearing this before April? Thanks!

  25. Andrew Thompson says:

    Wow, this is such a surprise. I quiet like this clip, a new Cd to look forward to all be it on past recordings is very very exciting. I really don’t care what she is releasing, I am glad and happy as a fan that she has decided to release anything at all. This will be a very interesting addition to my collection… material by the end of this year I predict!!!
    This CD I believe is in place of a Greatest Hits package, so re-workings is an excellent idea, innovative to say the least! Let’s make this CD number one, very possible if it sells close to ninety thousand as did Aerial in it’s first week. I am looking forward to this CD, and cannot wait for May!!!

  26. Adrian says:

    I turn to my computer and press…DELETE

    • Adrian says:

      Have to be honest…didn’t delete the thing..but been playing it a lot and actually think it’s better than the original version. Kate’s vocals are better and the whole song has more of a hounds of love feel to it.

  27. Scott says:

    After hearing the whole thing I really do like it. It’s a very interesting and enjoyable version.

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