John Carder Bush writes about photographing his sister in The Independent

Kate by John Carder Bush

The supremely talented poet, author and photographer John Carder Bush writes about photographing his sister Kate all the way from her childhood right through to her most recent album release in The Independent here.  The site features photographs from John’s almost-impossible-to-find  book ‘Cathy’, published in the 1980s, which he sent to me (Seán) a few years ago completely out of the blue. And I’ll always cherish it! Have you got your copy of  John’s brilliant novel ‘The Cellar Gang‘ yet? If not, you’re seriously missing out…more on how to order his must-have book here. (with thanks to Louise) If you’re wondering what Kate’s other exceptionally talented brother, Paddy Bush , has been up to, check out my recent report on his wonderful exhibition in Co. Cavan, Ireland, here.

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10 Responses to John Carder Bush writes about photographing his sister in The Independent

  1. If ever a photographer captured nascent genius…the early images will live forever.

  2. Gabriella says:

    so touching and John is true artist and talented ,..iam just in aw the Bush family,.. he so kind to his lil sister,…love Gabi

  3. So happy to read this and see those wonderful photos. JCB has shaped the way the world sees Kate. The word iconic is overused, but in this case no other word does his photography justice.

  4. giulio says:

    Yes, the extremely talented Bush Family 🙂
    Thankyou!!! 🙂

  5. Sky says:

    A lovely article, simply written but so descriptive of those early days. I even went out and bought the newspaper just for this – not often I buy papers. 🙂

  6. corinne says:

    Precious photos. You can see the wisdom in those eyes even at that young age. My daughter is a photographer, I think it’s a fab talent! x

  7. Millais says:

    Just wanted to thank John for all his beautiful work, especially his fruitful collaboration with Kate throughout all these years of stunning and thought provoking images.
    ‘Cathy’ is a wonderful tribute to the dreams of childhood, and it is such a joy to see so much love surfacing from those family shots. The sparkle of innocent wonder is still there in her eyes today, as luminous and lively as in those moments from the past.
    For me, it is such a privilege to be given the chance to get a closer look at John’s Art now, enjoying its magnificent beauty, getting lost in the original realms of his words, pictures and sounds.
    Thank you John, your gifts and talents are truly cherished. May your Muse inspire you for years and years to come, and may your Art keep reaching out for people’s hearts and souls.

  8. lasourceauxbois says:

    I bought this beautiful visionary book in the late 1980s and I will also cherish it all my life.

  9. Thisisyourmagic says:

    Great to see these images getting new “exposure”! I bought the beautiful book when it first came out many, many years ago. It is truly wonderful. I love the photos, and also the bittersweet, beautiful reflections, both in the book and in the article. Thanks JCB for doing me the honour of signing it.

  10. Mingus 42 says:

    I have always wondered what books two and three would have looked like. And if John is reading this, any plans of more novels?

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