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Official site has 200 copies of Lake Tahoe pic disc Kate’s official site, has announced that they have a last 200 copies of the Lake Tahoe picture disc:

On 9th May 2012 at 18.30 GMT (UK Time) the discs will be exclusively available to purchase in our shop here

We only have a very small number of these discs so purchases will be limited to one per customer on a first come first serve basis.  We apologise in advance if anyone isn’t able to get a copy, but as this release is truly limited we’re lucky to be able to offer this many directly to fans.  Anyone who is found trying to abuse the shop system to purchase more than one copy will have their additional orders cancelled and run the risk of losing out entirely. 

The discs will remain on sale while stocks last.


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  1. emil mcmahon

    great, after I succumbed to prssure and bought one for £40 on Ebay

  2. giulio

    How lovely from Kate Bush. 🙂

  3. Kent

    I’ll be happy with mine from eBay when I get it. For North America, shipping from the ‘shop’ can be quite expensive.

    And for those with alarms set — GMT is not the same as UK time at this time of year, according to my sources. You might want to get ready an hour earlier.

    • David England

      I’d noticed the GMT/BST anomaly too but the official site corrected it today – thankfully! Still reeling from the fact that I managed to buy one – the demand was such that it was like trying to get Glastonbury tickets.
      The lovely FishPeople do a wonderful job catering for us “nutty” Bush fans- all credit and praise to them!!

  4. David

    Five minutes in and the site has crashed. It was bound to happen.

  5. Andrew Heritage seems to have crashed. I was logged and looking around way before 18:30 and at 18:28 it just went dead.

  6. John Sutton

    How nice of the website to crash. It crashed at 11:30am my time and I am still trying, is 11:37am and still nothing. And my time is 7 hours behind your time. I really hope this gets fixed really soon. I gotta say this really sucks.

  7. John Sutton

    Still nothing. This is NOT FAIR.
    Getting screwed again.

  8. Kent

    “The discs will remain on sale while stocks last.”

    Or while their servers last. But, this is more civilized than lineups on RSD or eBay, I suppose.

    Imagine if they were tickets to a concert instead.

  9. John Sutton

    going on a half hour. it popped up for a minute then reset the connection.

  10. John

    This is a laugh a minute isn’t it?

  11. Tin

    No bloody point when the site is crashing!

  12. Rob Brown

    Can someone explain to me, as the stated starting time was 18.30 GMT, why they chose to open the store at 18.30 BST and not the correct 19.30 BST? Not that it would have made any difference,the site wouldn’t load for me at all.

  13. John Sutton

    nothing but freezes for an hour and 10 minutes and then it is out of stock and it miraculously works. don’t tell me this wasn’t rigged. i am very disappointed with how you are treating the united states fans. i gotta say i have to re-think the reasons i like kate bush. this treatment is very wrong.

  14. Andrew Heritage

    Got one!!! Finally completed transaction at 19:43.
    I have every one of your official vinyl releases and couldn’t get Lake Tahoe on Record Day. I am over the moon and can’t wait for it to arrive!
    Thankyou Kate. x x

  15. Terry

    Perhaps orders for a a not so limited “second edition” of the disc [and maked as such] could be taken and that way every one will be happy.

  16. Well I finally managed to get one this time, and it was actually a little nicer getting it from Kate’s shop… even if it did crash a gazillion times on me. But that’s what ‘refresh’ is for, and I did a lot of that yesterday. I also smoked a lot of cigarettes from the sheer stress of it. LOL! Once it arrives, I will be posting it on my blog.

    • Kent

      I wonder in what way it was ‘nicer’ (than what?)

      After 80 minutes or so (after the correct start time–I tried to warn folks), the site finally responded to my refreshes — and the disc was out of stock.

      I still think eBay ‘Buy It Now’ was ‘nicer’ than this–but I will reserve judgment until I receive said disc. (For those wondering, I wanted a 2nd disc for my sister, also a KB fan, who’s been a little down lately.)

      • Well, let’s see. It was nicer than trying to get it on RSD, which was near impossible as we all know where they ended up. It was also nicer than paying an extortionate amount of money for it on eBay, which I refused to do. Anyone willing to pay more than the retail value of this should have their head examined. It’s just a record. If people didn’t feed other people’s greed these things wouldn’t happen to begin with. It’s just like prior to the release of Aerial back in 2005, when those promo CDs made their way to eBay and were selling for absolutely stupid amounts of money. I laughed my head off at that because most of us that were still members of the Kate Bush Club got one in the mail shortly after that for free.

        As I was saying in my previous comment, I did think it was nice that Kate’s site offered some at the normal price, and I think this should have been done to begin with to avoid everything that happened… or at least lessen what happened. Everyone knew the site was going to be busy that day and probably crash, which it did do. It crashed for me a million times, not to mention that my power even went out for 5 minutes, which also messed up my internet connection – but I still managed to get one after 30 minutes. So yes, I do think it was much nice than any other alternative.

        • Kent

          Obviously, everyone’s experience differed — and those who have one, by whatever means, have a nice record. For myself, getting it from the shop, while closer to ‘retail’ would have been prohibitively expensive to ship. In that way, I got a bargain from eBay in comparison, honestly. If I’m feeding anyone’s greed, it’s my own. I was greedy for the record, I paid the price at which it was offered. Record collecting is not a democratic process–not everyone gets a ballot and a chance to get one at the same price.

          It’s all a matter of perspective. Obviously, a limited release of 2000 (or is it 2200 now? Were those really ‘found’ copies? Who knows unless you pressed and counted?) is going to command some attention, no matter when, where or how it’s released. Collectors or ‘greedy people’ are going to get hold of them by hook or by crook, maybe more of the latter if they perceive the demand.

          I don’t think RSD made it any more or less difficult to get, quite frankly. More expensive for most, perhaps. I certainly don’t know, as apparently ‘we all do’ where they wound up. Were there 2000 for sale on eBay? Some here said they got them in shops–the record shop here said they had 2, but I didn’t rush to get there either, so I just missed out.

          But I had a remedy, the exercise of which you’re telling me contributes to the problem. Yes, demand and supply is the problem, we’re all part of the problem, the demand. The market value probably hasn’t peaked yet!

          Well, it doesn’t matter now, it’s not a problem for me, and whoever has them has them and I hope they’re happy. I know I am!

        • Kent

          Well, that’s nice then. Have a nice day.

  17. Renaud

    Got one ! It took 30 minutes….(only !) !!!

  18. John

    Managed to snag one after about 80 minutes of slow moving, crashing web pages. I usually give up long before that with stuff. Very stressful and won’t count myself lucky until I have the physical thing in my hands.

    That said it was good of Kate to keep some back for this, and I gather other artists do this too, but I agree with Terry that a second run would be nice. I am not bothered about the collectible element of this disc, and wouldn’t begrudge everyone being able to have one. I’m not a Kate completist by a long straw, I just thought it was very attractive.

    I hope next time Kate contributes to RSD it’s something that will only appeal to the completists like the Hounds of Love EP with it’s imagery that we’ve seen a thousand times before.

  19. Tim

    Got one too yesterday after much perseverance,site crashing and multiple refreshing! Can’t wait to hold it and yes,feels good to receive one from the Kate shop.
    Shouldn’t speak too soon as not received it yet!

  20. Sky

    So pleased for everyone who managed to get lucky. There are still one or two appearing on eBay for those who have the money.

  21. Lisa

    Glad to know that at last the disc is at least getting to the real kate fans, instead of profiteerers on ebay, I was lucky enough to get one on the day, but even as i was buying it i was more than aware of what was happening with regards to all the Record Store Day discs, as was my local record shop owner, espeacially when one punter had a printed off list of stuff which he was going through & ticking off as he bought up stuff.

  22. kennym

    “i gotta say i have to re-think the reasons i like kate bush. this treatment is very wrong.”

    Jesus – a bit harsh. What – did you expect Kate to hand deliver it and make a cuppa tea for you? It’s a tiny webstore not bloody Get a grip!

  23. Alberto Di Costanzo

    I managed to get a copy for a Kate Bush fan who was not able to be at RSD and on time for the web site offer in much less than an hour, which is pretty remarkable, considering I was expecting exactly what happened with the web site (ultra mega busy, with many many fans trying to get one copy). So I can say this person was very lucky and I am very glad to get a copy for him.

    Also I was a bit disppointed about some of the comments I am not saying about what or who but really some people really need to grow up and fast…..

  24. John

    Has anyone received theirs yet?

    Mine is still saying Order Created, and nothing else. Does the site send out dispatched emails?

    • John, no. It doesn’t. I’ve placed four separate orders on the site within the last year and none of my orders have ever said dispatched. If you haven’t received a “We’re Sorry” email by now to say that your order has been cancelled because they ran out of stock, then don’t worry about it. You’ve got one. It’s probably taking them a little time to get them all posted.

  25. John

    Thank you for that, Rinfy. It’s very reassuring to hear.

  26. Tim

    Ah thanks Rinfy, I was thinking the same thing as haven’t received mine yet either. I was getting a bit worried!

  27. John

    And it arrived today!!

    I never get lucky when it comes to stuff like this so it made for a refreshing change.

    Thank You, Kate xx

    • See, I told you. Anyone that hasn’t received a “We’re Sorry” email from the site has one. Glad you’re happy with it : )

  28. giulio

    My vinyl arrived a few days ago.
    What a beautiful special disc…
    Thank you Kate for this precious gift. 🙂

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