A Midsummer’s Night’s Kate Bush Party


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This year’s HomeGround and katebushnews.com party takes place on Midsummer’s Night 21st June at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall, on the south bank Of The Thames in central London, just 10 minutes from Victoria.

We start at 9pm and go through to 3 am. The party will feature  Kate themed DJ sets from Paul Burston, Phil Marriott, Dave Cross and Paul Thomas.

The night will also feature an exclusive live performance from Kate Bush tribute band Cloudbusting fronted by long time Kate fan and HomeGround reader, Lisa Oliver. The band will be performing a special set and are asking fans to make suggestions for Kate songs they would like to hear on the night, making this a unique event mixing some of Kate’s most well-known songs with fan favourites.

This will be a great fun night, a chance to hear Kate’s amazing music played loud in a club and meet loads of fellow KB fans.

Advance tickets have now closed.

There will be a limited number of tickets available on the door on the night for £10.


About Peter

My Kate CV: Kate fan since 1978. Saw Tour of Life at the London Palladium 1979. Went to first KBC Convention 1980. Founded Homeground with Dave 1982. Worked on 1985, 1990, and 1994 Kate Bush Conventions, and the 1986 Video Party with Dave, Lisa of KBC and Krys. Appeared in videos for The Big Sky and Experiment IV. Wrote Introduction, Chronology and Discography for EMI Music Publishing's 1987 "Kate Bush Complete". Wrote the sleeve note for the remastered 1998 reissue of "Hounds of Love". Invited to write sleeve notes for other reissues which never happened. My other CV: born 1955 in Bermondsey London, educated at Galleywall Primary, Walworth Comprehensive, and London School of Economics BSc(Econ)(Hon) 1976. Currently an Officer of the Crown Court determining legal costs in crminal cases. Met Krys in 1982 through Homeground, we were engaged on Glastonbury Tor on Kate's birthday in 1983, and married in November 1984.
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27 Responses to A Midsummer’s Night’s Kate Bush Party

  1. Peter says:

    The PayPal button is now actually working as it should – sorry about that!

    • Paul Kenward says:


      I applied for 2 tickets back in April (9/4/13) via Paypal and am very much looking forward to the event.

      Although I received 2 e-mails from Paypal confirming the purchase I have not received anything else (tickets/ confirmation e-mails etc) from Homeground.

      I’m a bit concerned as I have just found I have deleted the Paypal e-mails now (although the purchase is showing on my Paypal account), and am travelling all way up from Southampton and don’t want to find we can’t get in when we arrive!



      • Peter says:

        Hello Paul,

        These have been sent out. Check your email spam folder. If you haven’t got them let us know and we’ll send duplicates.

        • Paul Kenward says:


          I’ve checked my e-mail folders and cannot find the e-mail confirmations.
          I thought it strange at the time that nothing came through other than the Paypal e-mails.
          Please could you re-send them – that would be very kind.
          Kind regards,


        • Paul Kenward says:

          Hi Peter,
          I’ve checked my Spam folder as suggested and they’re not there.
          I’m getting a bit worried now that it isn’t going to be worth us travelling all the way from Southampton, as with no tickets we may not get in.
          That doesn’t seem fair to me, as I paid for them months ago, so could you please send duplicates as you suggested.


          • Peter says:

            Hello Paul,

            I have now re-sent the tickets. Please let me know if they have arrived.


          • Paul Kenward says:

            Hi Peter,
            No, they haven’t arrived.
            I’m not sure what’s happening, as I received your message fine!
            Are they being sent to paul@ellar.plus.com?
            Something seems to be going awry somewhere.


          • Peter says:

            Hello Paul,

            Yes they are being sent to that email, so I don’t know what is happening to them.

            We will put your name with the requisite number of tickets on the door list so that if they don’t turn up you and friends will still be able to get in.


          • Paul Kenward says:

            Thank you – that’s such a relief!
            I’m really not sure what’s happening technically (with the e-mail system) but now I know our names will be on the door I can get on with looking forward to attending!
            Thank you for your help.


  2. albert holt says:

    I would love to see Kate perform but now that I’m 58 disabled and home bound I can no longer travel. Bad things happen to inocent people when they get older and I just happen to be one of them. I was once young but now my health has gone away and I guess the best years which haven’t been too good at all are behind me. I dread to see what my future holds, but thanks. Albert

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi … am I being completely daft? I’m trying to book tickets for 7 of us, but there only seems to be an option to buy one at a time? Is that right? Looking forward to it! x

  4. H.R. Hudson says:

    Although I won’t be able to come to the KB event, I’m sure someone will post parts of the event on you tube. Albert, please don’t give up. Look on you tube and see the video by Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel. The video is worth a million words!!

  5. David says:

    Hi there, I booked 7 tickets a while ago, should I have got an email by now, just checking because I need to book another ticket.

  6. Mark says:

    Amazon.com is selling the second Homeground book for 47.69. The first one is not available. I thought that the first book didn’t come out until July. Is this a hoax or should I just go ahead and buy the second book?

  7. Mark says:

    Never mind, the second book does have its own listing. You just have to look.

  8. nick says:

    Hi Peter,
    I didn’t get a reply by emailing you, so have worked out how to pay for multiple tickets via paypal. Please can you confirm you’ve received payment for 4 tickets for me please?



  9. Karl says:

    Hi Peter, I read your blogs about the tickets and found them in my trash,
    So no problems,and looking forwards to seeing you there.
    Kind regards Karl.

  10. Thomas says:

    Thank you for the most excitingly fabulous evening at the RVT!!!Take care and Cheers!

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