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300 Kates break a record

The NME reports that “300 Kate Bush fans gathered in a park in Brighton over last weekend to break the record for the most lookalikes re-enacting the famous video for her 1978 single Wuthering Heights.”

This was the final rehearsal:

This was the instructional dance video:

LATER: It seems Guiness don’t think Kate is iconic enough for this to constitute a “proper” record … The video re-enactment thing catches on


Kate lends her support to Liam – now out of “The Voice”


A Midsummer’s Night’s Kate Bush Party


  1. Mark

    They should have worn the white dress.

  2. David England

    H I L A R I O U S wish I could have been there and hope it gives Kate a good giggle too!

  3. Mark

    Not iconic enough?! Should they have dressed up like that hack Madonna and all do “like a virgin?” Would that have been good enough?!

  4. Keith

    What was the previous record?

  5. neil mayor

    this could grow and grow…just sheer abandonment and joy and celebration of a true icon.
    Same time next year….count me in.Call me a perfectonist but here’s always one that waves n the wrong direction!

  6. Andrew in Denmark

    This absolutly cracked me up! F#*king brilliant!
    The Taff and the Ozzy commentary what was really did it for me!

  7. Gio La Gala

    Sorry but you don’t come from Lindsay Kemp school and it shows. This is hilarious but is not a tribute to the talent of Kate Bush. Kate’s early performances were really amazing. She has learnt the best from her teacher and has shown a grace and an originality that no other artist , at that time , had reached. Toyah , Lene Lovich , Siouxsie came after Kate and learned from her, even Annie Lennox admitted that Kate had a great influence on her … Kate studied a lot to reach this , to express her talent… Now this dance is hilarious but extremely banal.

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