“Before The Dawn is another remarkable achievement …”










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My Kate CV: Kate fan since 1978. Saw Tour of Life at the London Palladium 1979. Went to first KBC Convention 1980. Founded Homeground with Dave 1982. Worked on 1985, 1990, and 1994 Kate Bush Conventions, and the 1986 Video Party with Dave, Lisa of KBC and Krys. Appeared in videos for The Big Sky and Experiment IV. Wrote Introduction, Chronology and Discography for EMI Music Publishing's 1987 "Kate Bush Complete". Wrote the sleeve note for the remastered 1998 reissue of "Hounds of Love". Invited to write sleeve notes for other reissues which never happened. My other CV: born 1955 in Bermondsey London, educated at Galleywall Primary, Walworth Comprehensive, and London School of Economics BSc(Econ)(Hon) 1976. Currently an Officer of the Crown Court determining legal costs in crminal cases. Met Krys in 1982 through Homeground, we were engaged on Glastonbury Tor on Kate's birthday in 1983, and married in November 1984.
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6 Responses to “Before The Dawn is another remarkable achievement …”

  1. Dee says:

    It’s a pity Kate has to share the frontpages with such a horrid scandal. Shameful! I’ m so sorry not to have tickets for the shows, but I am still hoping! I was there on the Tour of life. She was a pioneer and still is. Unique in everything she does and never ceases to amaze me.
    No Kate doesn’t turn to the stage after 36 years just to sing a few hit songs. Well done Kate! You have done us proud.

    • Peter says:

      Agree with that unfortunate collision of events Dee. Would have edited images, but scarcely had the time whilst trying to get everything else covered.

  2. neil says:

    At least it shows that amongst all the depressing news of late there is a ray of sunshine to be thankful for

  3. André says:

    I bought all these newspapers. But what the hell ist wrong with “The Times”? Some quotes: “… before singing ‘Joni’, a tribute to Joni Mitchell.” ; “Bush lost at sea, singing ‘let me be weak, let me dream of sleep’ (sic!)” ; “A lighter-than-air ‘Day of Fog’ followed.”
    Ehm, research, anyone? I think it’s kind of annoying that “The Times” sent a journalist who obviously hadn’t had the slightest clue of Kate’s music.

    • Peter says:

      I think we should start a collection of these bloopers!

    • Benjamin says:

      I got a few of these papers at the airport the next day and thought the same thing! Joni Mitchell? Did the guy even listen to the song? I was surprised and disturbed by the numerous errors in reporting the concert. I was also annoyed at the constant declarations of “And then she did a skit about sausages!” These reporters make it sound like Kate Bush inserted a random Monty Python sketch into the show. I think the reporters intentionally try to make everything she does seem nutty even when it isn’t. If one is actually following the entire story she is telling in The Ninth Wave, there is no “skit about sausages.” There is a scene with a father and son going through the normal, mundane domestic routine of making dinner and settling in for the evening while the mother is still at work. After some family banter, the son casually observes, “Mum’s late” and goes back to eating and watching football on television while the father becomes concerned before trying to shake off the worry. And then Kate launches into “Watching You Without Me.” It’s very touching and blends effortlessly into the storyline. I’ve yet to see the scene described properly in a newspaper.

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