Kate Bush Fan Podcast – Desert Island Kate Discs!

Desert Island Kate Discs

What are Darrell and Paul’s Top 3’s from all of Kate’s albums, and what single, album, video and b-side would they take on a desert island? In this new episode of the Kate Bush Fan Podcast, for the first half we get the rare glimpse of hearing Darrell and Paul chatting together in the same place, as opposed to Skyping transatlantically. Plus, Ron and Cyril get another spin with a Kate cover!

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About Seán

Seán Twomey has been running the Kate Bush News & Information site since January 1998.
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3 Responses to Kate Bush Fan Podcast – Desert Island Kate Discs!

  1. Ron Minty says:

    Hi Sean, great work. Hi to Paul and Darrell, as well. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Ron Minty says:

    To Sean and of course, Paul and Darrell, the two luckiest dudes on the planet – Well done lads!

  3. Darrell Babidge says:

    Thanks, Ron! 🙂

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