Kate signs open letter to David Cameron to help refugees in Calais

Calais camp

Kate, along with dozens of well-known people, has signed an open letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron asking for a delay to the demolition of the Calais ‘Jungle’ to protect the children there. Those signing the petition include some of Kate’s friends from the music and arts world; Peter Gabriel, Jude Law, Philip Pullman, Terry Gilliam and Stephen Fry.

The recent announcement by the Calais prefecture to raze the Southern part of the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais is an act that if allowed to happen, will destroy the temporary homes of over 3000 people including 443 children. Many of these people are amongst the most vulnerable in the camps as this is where the majority of families and unaccompanied minors currently live.

You can find out more and lend your support at the site here. Essential donations of equipment can be given here.

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KT Bush Band reforms with two original members – Brian Bath and Vic King!

KT Bush Band 2016

This news has left us with a warm, nostalgic feeling! Two of the original members of the KT Bush Band are returning to the stage with a new band re-creating Kate’s very earliest performances in pubs and clubs in 1977, and featuring original material performed in her early career. The other member of the KT Bush Band, apart from Kate, was Del Palmer (with a special mention for Paddy Bush, who helped out with lights and dropped in guitar and mandolin parts too!)

Drummer Vic King and guitarist Brian Bath who created the KT Bush Band in 1976 have been secretly preparing for a return to the stage since early 2014, and performance dates are now being scheduled for release.

Full details of the new band are on the website at www.ktbushband.co.uk where visitors can also link to the band’s new Social Media pages! Wishing the lads every success with the shows.

KT Bush Band 2016 KT Bush Band 2016 KT Bush Band 2016

KT Bush Band 1977

KT Bush Band 1977


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Melbourne, Australia to attempt world’s largest ever gathering of “Kate Bushes”!

On July 16th, Melbourne Australia will attempt the world’s largest ever gathering of “Kate Bushes”, attempting to beat Brighton’s 300+ strong spectacular in 2013. Wuthering Heights will be recreated and the costume is red dress / red stockings, black belt. As we know, Kate herself has gotten a great kick out of comedian Noel Fielding’s red-dress “homage” in the past.

As the Facebook Event page linked here says: “Bring your Kate Bush adoration and boundless joy.” Indeed!

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights
YouTube Preview Image
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RIP Jimmy Bain – bass player on The Dreaming album

Jimmy Bain

We were saddened to hear this week of the passing of 68-year old Scottish bassist Jimmy Bain, who plays bass guitar on the songs Sat In Your Lap, Leave It Open, and Get Out Of My House from Kate’s 1982 album “The Dreaming”. Sending our condolences to his loved ones. TeamRock has paid tribute by listing his moments of genius here.

Here’s an extract from an interview Kate gave in 1982 talking about Jimmy’s contribution to her classic album and the link with Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy… (taken from Gaffaweb here)

“Because the funny thing is you’ve got Jimmy Bain, who was in Rainbow, and is in Wild Horses. He seems to play on all the crazier tracks. I think, what I enjoyed again about this album was each track has got a very different mood to it, really, or groups of tracks have got different moods, and it was nice to use people, almost specifically, for what they were very good at, and I always think of Jimmy as being a really super rock’n’roll bass player, which isn’t meant to be detrimental, because I think it’s great, actually. Because what those songs needed that he was on was a very simple, very driving bass that was going to keep the whole thing going, without being distracting, or too full. And Jimmy was just right for that, really. So he worked on the three tracks that I would definitely say are the rockiest, the most up-tempo, perhaps the most aggressive.”

And did that have something to do with the fact he, with Wild Horses, had had a contract with EMI?

“Ah, you see I didn’t even know he was with EMI. I knew he was with Wild Horses, and I met him when I just bumped into Phil Lynott in a recording studio.”

Really, when was that?

“This was at The Townhouse, and I was there to just look over the studio, because that’s where I wanted to work, and Phil was actually going to give me a weekend of his time that he wouldn’t be using, so I just went in to check out that it would be OK. And he was doing a really far-out vocal at the time…”

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Kate remembers the “beautiful soul”, David Bowie, in today’s Observer

David Bowie

Kate has written a tribute to David Bowie, along with a host of other notable fans and friends, in today’s edition of The Observer newspaper. Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Carlos Alomar, Gail Ann Dorsey, Julien Temple, Sadie Coles, Edwyn Collins, Robert Fox, Nicola Tyson also pay tribute in today’s article.

Kate writes:

David Bowie had everything. He was intelligent, imaginative, brave, charismatic, cool, sexy and truly inspirational both visually and musically. He created such staggeringly brilliant work, yes, but so much of it and it was so good. There are great people who make great work but who else has left a mark like his? No one like him.

I’m struck by how the whole country has been flung into mourning and shock. Shock, because someone who had already transcended into immortality could actually die. He was ours. Wonderfully eccentric in a way that only an Englishman could be.

Whatever journey his beautiful soul is now on, I hope he can somehow feel how much we all miss him.

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RIP David Bowie 1947 – 2016

We know that so many of you are saddened and shocked, like us, today. We’ll have more thoughts on the irreplaceable David Bowie, a profound inspiration to Kate, in a later update. As we said on our Facebook posting, we send our sincerest condolences to his wife, children, family and friends.

David Bowie

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Final weeks for pre-order offer on Guido Harari photo book “The Kate Inside”

It’s fair to say fans are getting quite excited about this upcoming book from Guido Harari, The Kate Inside, if the comments on the project’s Facebook page are anything to go by. First up for this project is the end-of-January deadline for the pre-order 25% discount on both the Deluxe and regular versions of the book. Fans who go for the deluxe option (Guido has arranged a 3 month instalment plan) will receive a significantly different, expanded edition of the book, extra print/polaroids, signed by Guido and Lindsay Kemp, presented in a solander slipcase. All early donors to the crowdfunding phase will have their names acknowledged in the book itself. Information on how to get the discount for either version is here. Watch the project’s promo video here.

THE KATE INSIDE Highlights of the book include official press photos for Hounds Of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, including a completely never-before-seen reportage on the set of Kate’s film The Line, The Cross & The Curve. Right now, Guido is busy selecting the final shots for the book, choosing the format, materials and covers for both versions of the book and restoring negatives from 2-3 decades ago. Best of luck, Guido! [order info here]

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Happy Christmas! Kate sends a message to fans

Kate has added a short Christmas message to her site today along with a festive twist on her tour programme cover imagery! Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and a terrific New Year for 2016 from Peter, Krys, Dave and Seán here at Katebushnews.com xxx

Kate's Christmas message 2015

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Collecting Kate Bush – three essential fan sites to check out

NOTE: This Christmas I have decided to donate proceeds from the sale of a copy of Lake Tahoe on vinyl and a few other KB items to Oxfam, and I intend to do the same in the new year with other “swaps” that I have. This is one of the reasons I find it worth keeping up with the value of bits and bobs I’ve collected over the years; I get to enjoy them and look after them and then, ultimately, put them to some good use – Seán

I have to admit I’ve never been a must-have-everything collector of Kate’s stuff but recently I have been filling out some of the gaps in my Kate Bush vinyl collection. There’s something about owning those original artefacts from a particular time in Kate’s career that can be very satisfying. I had decided to limit my current renewed passion for collectible records to UK releases, but when you inevitably start to dig further…there’s a LOT of interesting stuff out there and it can get overwhelming. Luckily we have some great Kate Bush collector sites to help us out, even if we know that realistically we’ll never get our mitts on many of these treasures. Here are three sites, all from genuine fans, that come recommended…

Kate Bush - rare vinyl

Firstly, for years I’ve relied on an excellent site called “The Single File” by John Heislman which he has maintained since the 1990s. It focuses on Kate’s career as a singles artist and is bang up-to-date with the re-recorded Running Up That Hill from 2012. With neat navigation, effective use of national flag symbols and pictorial chronologies for all formats he takes the guess work out of what was released when and where. A brilliant site.

Next up, if you’re looking for a site that also takes in albums, books and all manner of memorabilia you simply have to take a look at the “World of Kate Bush” blog site. The site owner has been tireless in photographing and describing their impressive collection. This is collecting at its most serious, and a revealing pleasure to browse through for even a casual fan.

Since 1978, thanks to robust work by EMI Japan, Kate has been a noticeable presence in that territory. Some of the most expensive collectible Kate Bush items on the market today emanate from Japan and there is a LOT to discover. Luckily longtime fan Bart Lienard has put together “All We Ever Look For“, an exhaustive labour of love which lists just about every Japanese Kate Bush album, single, box set, video and book as well as a large array of magazine articles. Fascinating.

Update: An honourable mention also to “This Woman’s World“, a German-language site that has a nicely illustrated discography.

Apart from the above sites, there is of course a wealth of information to be found on Gaffaweb, on the constantly expanding Discogs Kate listing, in the pages of those incredible HomeGround anthology books, and in the now out-of-print Illustrated Collector’s Guide to Kate Bush (now, curiously, an expensive collectors item itself!). The Kate Bush Clippings site is now enormous, and also be sure to check out the Kate Bush Encyclopedia site which has been coming along very nicely!

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Kate’s songs added as set works for UK’s A-level music students from 2016!

Kate & learningKate you’re finally being taught in school! Works by Kate have been added to the UK’s A-Level Music syllabus for schools after a drive to include female composers! Kate is included from 2016 in the popular music and jazz set works, along with The Beatles and Courtney Pine. Cloudbusting, And Dream of Sheep, and Under Ice are the set works.

A student, Jessy McCabe, had noticed that Edexcel’s A-level music syllabus featured 63 male composers and no female ones.

She contacted Edexcel to make it aware of the situation, but despite the board’s insistence that the music course aims to let students “engage in and extend the appreciation of the diverse and dynamic heritage of music”, its head of music seemed reluctant to implement any changes.

In response to an email from Jessy, the head of music wrote: “Given that female composers were not prominent in the western classical tradition (or others for that matter), there would be very few female composers that could be included.”

A Change.org petition subsequently launched by the student received almost 4,000 signatures. She also wrote an open letter to the education secretary, Nicky Morgan, the executive director of the exam regulator Ofqual, Ian Stockford, and Pearson UK’s managing director, Mark Anderson. Jessy urged them to change next year’s syllabus “so that girls are freely able and inspired to become composers, to enrich the A-level syllabus and to ultimately ensure that women’s works are valued, as they should be”.

Pearson, the organisation that offers the Edexcel qualifications, has now implemented changes to its 2016 A-level music specification to include five new set works by female composers. They include Clara Schumann, Rachel Portman, Kate Bush, Anoushka Shankar and Kaija Saariaho. DOWNLOAD THE FULL SYLLABUS DOCUMENT HERE

Read more at the Guardian site here. (thanks to Thomas Ovens for letting us know)

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Del Palmer talks about his music on Raiders FM

Del Palmer

Our own Del Palmer took part in a radio interview yesterday with Raiders FM, and refreshingly, had a chance to discuss his own work for once (sorry, Kate!). You can listen to DJ Chris Hunter talking to Del in the Youtube clip below. Del’s music, including his latest release “Point of Safe Return” is available at his official site here: http://www.delpalmer.com/

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Channel 4 TV show “Four Rooms” looking for Kate Bush fans!

Four Rooms dealers

Four Rooms is a British television series from Channel 4 which sees members of the public who have rare, unusual items to sell, and four reputable dealers from the collectibles world who potentially want to buy them. Over the past 4 series, the Four Rooms dealers have handed over in excess of £1 million a diverse mix of empowered sellers who have negotiated their way to a successful deal.

They’ve had Kate Bush items sell on the show before and are eager to reach out to fans who may have some special items, such as rare records, memorabilia, costumes, etc, that they’d be interested in showcasing and selling in this way. If you might be interested, the show can be reached at @C4FourRooms on Twitter OR by emailing FourRooms@Boundlessproductions.tv

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Guido Harari’s “The Kate Inside” – new promotional video featuring Lindsay Kemp and wonderful photographs

The Kate Inside - video preview

It’s been an incredible time for high quality, beautifully designed books on Kate. John Carder Bush has just won a prestigious award for the design of “Cathy” and his breathtaking follow-up, “Kate: Inside the Rainbow“, will be on so many people’s Christmas lists. Now, we are also being treated to a glimpse into another remarkable book of photography from one of Kate’s most prolific visual collaborators: Guido Harari. Watch the video on the upcoming book, The Kate Inside, here:

The Kate Inside” is Guido’s lavish tribute to Kate. His collaboration with her spans from 1982 to 1993. During that period he was invited by Kate to shoot her official press photos for landmark albums like “Hounds Of Love”, “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes”, including a completely never-before-seen reportage on the set of Kate’s film “The Line, The Cross & The Curve”. Accompanied by Guido’s own commentary and a foreword by Kate’s mentor Lindsay Kemp, “The Kate Inside” is packed with more than 300 photographs from his extensive Kate Bush archives. They include all of Guido’s classic images of Kate, a wealth of outtakes, contact sheets, unseen photographs and other materials (including test Polaroids and cards by Kate) that are showcased in it for the first time. we wish Guido every success with this project. As Del Palmer has said on our site comments: “…this book is going to be a real “must have”!!…it’s superb and will be well worth every penny!!” Ordering details here

The Kate Inside - video preview The Kate Inside - video preview The Kate Inside - video preview The Kate Inside - video preview

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Congratulations to John Carder Bush – “Cathy” wins at British Book Design and Production Awards!

CathyWarm congratulations to John Carder Bush! His 2014 republished edition of “Cathy”, photographs of his sister Kate as a young girl with accompanying text, was the recipient of the Best Photographic Book, Art/Architecture Monographs Award 2015 at the British Book Design and Production Awards on Thursday 26th November.

Very much a book industry event, the ceremony was held at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightbridge, presented by comedian and author Mark Watson.

The awards, which seek to recognise those that “continuously innovate, push the boundaries and embrace new technologies”, were held by the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) in association with Oxford Brookes University, The Bookseller and The Publishers Association.

“Cathy” can be ordered on Amazon here and some copies of a signature boxed edition of the book are still available here. His latest book, Kate: Inside the Rainbow, is available here.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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Updated: Kate’s Before the Dawn designs at V&A till January 3rd 2016

Update: If you are in London, you can still catch some of the Before the Dawn costume and set designs at the V&A Museum in London as part of their Make/Believe exhibit. Read more at the V&A website here. The exhibition runs till January 3rd 2016.

It’s a modest exhibition that takes up just one of the four rooms (Room 104) in the Theatre and Performance area of the museum. Robert Allsopp’s fish skeleton masks and Dick Bird’s set design for Watching You Without Me are on display as well as photos of set sketches and rehearsal photos.

Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A

Before the Dawn at the V&A

Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A Before the Dawn at the V&A

From the Financial Times review:

“…a small show of British stage design at the V&A in London, embraces an eye-watering variety of events: the populist spectaculars of the London 2012 Olympics and Para-lympics closing ceremonies; Kate Bush’s instantly sold-out Before the Dawn shows, her first live performances for 35 years; the famous skeletal frame of the War Horse; extravaganzas for Miley Cyrus and designs for performances at Glastonbury…Make/Believe highlights the most popular and the most memorable moments in the past four years of British design for performance. The exhibits are by no means all as familiar as the examples above, but there are some original and striking designs here that indicate a British industry that is undersung in the media.”

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