I’ve just learned that the BBC Radio 2 programme “Inside Track” has spoken with Kate’s representative regarding the current slew of rumours surrounding a new album (see elsewhere on these pages). Here’s a quote from the host Paul Gambicini [You can download what Paul had to say as a .wav file (491k)]:

“Is Kate Bush recording a new album? We have spoken to her P.A. and the good news is there will be something…..sometime. The bad news is it won’t be in the immediate future. Work is still at the “ideas” stage of recording. If you’re a website browser and have come across stories about certain musicians like Dave Gilmour being involved, we have it from the most reliable source of all that these stories are completely unfounded and mere speculation…In the meantime Brown Star Records in America are releasing a tribute album by various indie artists called ‘I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs Of Kate Bush”. They started taking mail orders this week, it will be available at retail around late August/early September. Now I know the answer to that question is probably more than a little frustrating, so I’m going to leave you with one of her hit singles….”

(Paul Gambicini: “Inside Track” Thursday June 25th 1998)

Although this definitely puts an end to any 1998 release hopes (and EMI haven’t had anything to say on the matter) at least it isan official update from Kate’s spokesperson. Kate traditionally reveals little of anything regarding her work while she’s busy recording, and the long gap since The Red Shoes in 1993 has seemingly created much rumour….and begs the question as to the accuracy of some of the reports of the last couple of years from various sources! For my part with this website, earlier this year I’ve had to remove a couple of news items which I’ve learned to be completely false…deliberate misinformation, which does no-one any favours. As always the considered scepticism of the Homeground magazine editorial team has proved correct.

I’ve always stated the sources of my information and am here merely to share any news of interest to the community of fans and music-lovers who value Kate’s work. 1998 continues to be a year of celebration of Kate’s incredible past body of work…

Best wishes and good luck to Kate! (thanks to John Lang for this news and for the audio clip).