Kate’s version of Brazil which was recorded for the 1985 Terry Gilliam film of the same name has resurfaced in a different version on a new compilation album “featuring powerful new orchestrations specially written for this album”. Here’s a report from John Heislman:

Michael Kamen Soundtrack album

‘The original version of this song, released on the Brazil soundtrack CD in 1993, features

Kate on vocals, backed by Michael Kamen conducting the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London. The orchestration is light and string-dominated; Kate’s phrasing and delivery are quite soft. There’s a striking trumpet passage in the middle that plays the lead melody line along with Kate’s vocal.The “new” Brazil that appears on Michael Kamen’s “Opus” CD is significantly different! [Note: this CD seems to be released in Europe under the title “The Michael Kamen Soundtrack Album” (London Records: LONDON 458 912-2)]

Once again, it’s Kate on vocals, but this time she’s backed by Kamen conducting the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. This version is a much heavier, brass-dominated arrangement. Kate’s phrasing is real similar to the first version in the beginning, but she becomes much more deliberate towards the end. She also throws in quite a bit of vibrato on one of the sustained notes. The trumpet passage in the first version shows up as a string accompaniment here.’ (thanks John!).

Michael Kamen’s liner notes:

“Brazil was my first opportunity to work on a film of meaning and stature. The film is, in my opinion, an enduring work of genius by Terry Gilliam. This song was the inspiration of the entire madness, and as I explored every corner of this melody, usually heard at bar mitzvahs and weddings, I awoke every morning with it haunting me. I grew to believe I had written it! Kate Bush sang this version, which was never used in the film, and it appears here as an ‘end credit’ song to my own movie…”