HomeGround magazine has a very special feature in its next issue (65) due out in the next couple of weeks. Paddy Bush has written a fascinating article for the publication on his explorations into Madagascan music, from his early discovery of the music through playing the valiha on Kate’s Love & Anger and on to the new Justin Vali album The Sunshine Within which he has produced under his own record label Bush Telegraph Records. It’s been quite a trip so don’t miss out on reading this one. I’m very pleased to say that Kate’s brother has arranged a special mail order deal for visitors to this website and readers of HomeGround magazine. Also in HomeGround 65 it’s revealed that Kate’s album catalogue will indeed be getting a long-overdue CD remastering by EMI in the very near future. The magazine will be updating us on the official plans to throw some new light through these old windows so watch this space, and as always be sure to get a subscription to HomeGround, I can’t recommend it highly enough!