Newsbits: Sozo has contacted the site to let us know that he has a listing of Kate-related news from Japan at his site here…Mark on the guestbook tells us that in a New Years message to her fans Chrissie Hynde says that she is listening to a lot of Kate Bush and Pearl Jam, but that they won’t be influencing her new record…Sky Movies used Wow recently in the trailer to their screening of Return to Oz (thanks to Jon Bishop)…Ofer Shinar from Israel writes: “Momus, the not so famous but very intelligent alternative musician, is now working on an album inspired, among other things, by Kate. Here’s what he writes on his website: “The theme for this record is ‘Kahimi goes Prog’. I have attempted to make a medieval-flavoured Prog Pop sound. My models are songs like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen and ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Kate Bush.” Read more about Momus here

Kate painting by Herb LeonhardHerb Leonhard is exhibiting some of his Kate Bush-inspired art (such as “The Sensual World”, pictured) at his website hereUPDATE: Herb now has an excellent new gallery of oil paintings based on each song of The Ninth Wave cycle. (Which reminds me, a great new gallery of paintings will soon be debuting on the HomeGround Pages, watch this space).

Thanks to everyone who’s emailed to let me know that Channel 4 in the UK will be screening a programme presented by Graham Norton of the top 100 singles of all time, the TV trailer of which features Kate in the elusive “red dress” version of  Wuthering Heights...which may well be shown on the night…VCRs set for stun! It will be shown at 8pm on Saturday 6th January. Update: Kate’s track was voted in at number 49 out of a possible 900 singles, Michael Leitz has a low quality video download of the Kate segment of the show here (1min 50 secs, heavily compressed, approx 500kb). (Thanks to Darren Brown, Talia Nix, Simon O’Donovan and Big Stripey Brian in Dublin)