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Happy New Year! Newsbits round-up…

20th Century Rock & Roll: Women In RockHappy New Year! Thought I’d kick off what should be an interesting year for Kate fans with some newsbits:…as well as The Whole Story being released Simply Vinyl are also reissuing their 180g deluxe vinyl pressing of  Hounds Of Love, read more here…Dale Sherman let me know that he has written a new book entitled 20th Century Rock & Roll: Women In Rock (ISBN 1-896522-29-7), the book, out on the 10th January, features a well-researched essay on Kate’s career among over 90 other entries…Michael Leitz has unearthed a previously unknown version of James And The Cold Gun by a Japanese band called Pageant. Apparently, it’s an old track from the 80’s, but the album it’s on has been re-released, read more here (Gaffaweb is a great resource for looking up versions of Kate’s songs by other artists)…

DVD Express are still listing an unconfirmed imminent release of The Line, The Cross & The Curve on the format…VH1 (UK) will be screening the little-seen video of  The Man I Love (Kate & Larry Adler) on Sunday 28th Jan @ 17.00 GMT…Danny Diess got a great reaction to his performance of Get Out Of My House (see below and current HomeGround), Danny is seeking sponsorship to help him to put on his 75 minute show “The Song Of Solomon” based around 13 of Kate’s songs, using costume, dance and mime and very simple sets, email him here…(newsbit thanks to Michael Leitz, Danny Diess, Dale Sherman, Collin Kelley and John Harper)


HomeGround 66: New album and re-masters updates, plus new article from Paddy Bush….


Newsbits round-up…


  1. Danny Diess

    Hello Sean.
    It’s been ages since i last emailed you. Still in shock that Kate is returning to the stage and the fact i got tickets to see her. Total dream come true to say the least. She still is my biggest inspiration as an actor and as a performer. Love reading this article after so much time. I wish i still had my copy of this issue, i have a few but this one talks about my show etc. It was so exciting to me to get nod like that especially by you guys. It’s funny i never got the video tape back that i sent of the performance i did of Get Out Of My House. Was one of my favorite performances i ever did. Always wondered what Kate thought about it, well if she even saw it. Doesn’t matter either way to me, performing to her music is a incredible experience. Can hardly wait to see her perform on stage for the first time. Waited a lifetime for this. Thanks Sean again for everything you do for the fan club, your amazing. Have a great weekend and cheers.
    Danny Diess
    Portland, Oregon. US

    • Hi Danny,

      So delighted you got a ticket! Thanks a million for the message.

      The countdown to August begins.

      Keep in touch,


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