Newsbits: American R&B singer Maxwell, who has been known as a Kate admirer and has a cover of This Woman’s Work in his “Unplugged” album, is going to release a new studio album (called “Now”) with a studio version of TWW in May (thanks to Sozo)….Greg Gilligan writes to tell us about “A Band Called bUrt” reviewed as follows at “With some songs, you have to listen twice to know if you like them. That’s always struck me as strange, but there are some songs that just grab you from the first few notes. “Home” is one such piece. “Home” could’ve been the lost track on album The Hounds of Love” (any Kate Bush fans out there)? This track has the slick yet understated/subtle groove that characterized an era when some of the best pop songs were made. Period. The combination of excellent production values, really wonderful vocals, and an engaging synthesizer line that will follow you around like the vision of a girl that you just can’t shake. This a must listen–for KB fans and non-fans alike.” Greg says Mark Wheadon from the band credits Kate as an influence….(thanks to Greg and Sozo)