As if recent events weren’t enough to confirm Kate’s status and influence in the world of music, she has made the number three spot in Q Magazine’s Women In Rock Poll, which will be published, along with a new interview with Kate, in next Friday’s January 2002 edition of the music publication. PJ Harvey has topped the poll, with Madonna beating Kate to the second position. 200,000 readers (!) are said to have voted in the poll. Tori Amos and Bjork were in fourth and fifth places respectively. Reuters report that: “Harvey beat off competition from classic artists including Janis Joplin (10th), Stevie Nicks (9th) and Aretha Franklin (11th). Big-selling pop idols who failed to make the top 20 included Britney Spears at 24th, Mariah Carey (46th) and Whitney Houston (71st).” (thanks to Boolbar, Brian and Stewart)