Greatest Hits Of The 70s DVDNewsbitsGuy Pearce, star of LA Confidential, Memento and the upcoming film version of The Time Machine has been interviewed in the February 2002 issue of the US edition of GQ magazine. Here’s an excerpt: “Pearce needs to buy a Jeff Buckley CD for a friend…inside (the record store) he finds the CD, then, after a short, yearning pit stop near the Kate Bush selections (“I know the President of her fan club”), he cruises the DVD aisle.”(thanks to Irene)…an excerpt from Don’t Give Up was played on Pop Idols on ITV in the UK to accompany a montage of retrospective clips as Darius Danesh was voted out. (thanks Talia)… Beate tells us about a CD sampler with an interesting title that she found, containing Rocket Man. “Women Talking Dirty”. It includes tracks from Dolly Parton, Marianne Faithfull, Sheryl Crow, Bananarama, Lulu, The Honeyz and more. Beate also spotted a  DVD video collection at the German shop WOM (World of music) containing The Man With The Child In His Eyes, as far as she can recall it was called “The Greatest Hits Of The 70’s“. (thanks Beate, and thanks to SWAN for the cover pic)…Sky One in the UK has screened the episode of Alias which features This Woman’s Work. (thanks to Glenn Monks)