Newsbits: Michael Leitz writes that “Earthrise: The Rainforest Album“, released in ’92 and out-of-print for some time, has just been re-released. It features “Don’t Give Up” & “Spirit Of The Forest”, on which Kate sings the line “Turn around, turn around, before it’s too late.” (thanks Michael)…the remix of Cloudbusting by Utah Saints (Something Good) was played during ITV’s ‘This Morning” Wed 20th Feb during a montage of clips from the early auditions of Pop Idol (thanks Iarla)…Will tells us that a recent Sky News entertainment piece claims that Kate will release a new single called “Bertie” (?!) in the near future with the new album appearing at the end of this year, they also played a little bit of the Sensual World video in the background. Hmmm. I’d say be very wary of this rumour. (cheers to Will)…the German daily soap “Verbotene Liebe” featured an extract from “The Man I Love” as background music in a restaurant scene, they’ve played Maxwell’s This Woman’s Work recently too (thanks to Ingo Pohl)…a new French Celtic music compilation, “Celtica Vol.3”  includes Kate’s Mná na hÉireann, there is also a television commercial running for the CD which features Kate’s song. (thanks to Tristan and Jeremy).