A whole load of Newsbits!: Don’t forget to go to www.q4music.com and vote for Kate’s albums on their 100 best albums poll (thanks to Damien Bryce)….VH1 100 Greatest Women Update: From the guestbook: “VH1 did a really good piece on her. Toyah said some beautiful things about Kates work, Toploader, who sing to Kate’s records at home, and Midge Ure contributed. They showed excerpts from various videos and even the lady herself made a small comment. It looked like she was filmed around the Red Shoes time. All in all it made me really proud of her, and also she really did stand out amongst the others. Tori Amos made a comment too, singling out Kate’s production skills.”….Michael Leitz: “Xavier Naidoo, German soul star, currently on tour in Germany, is doing a cover version of Don’t Give Up at his concerts. Kate’s part is sung by Yvonne Betz. The studio version can be found on his second solo CD called “Zwischenspiel/Alles Für Den Herrn”. Both the live and the studio version have received excellent reviews in the German press….fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier launched his Spring/Summer 2003 collection using Wuthering Heights on the catwalk as well as trapeze artists. Designer Emanuel Ungaro also used Kate’s music to accompany his latest creations on show, during the Paris pret-a-porter shows. (thanks to Michael Leitz, Cynthia Conrad and Swan)….Bill Richotte writes; “The trailer for the new Pierce Brosnan movie Evelyn uses “Don’t Give Up”, which isn’t so unusual, but as the trailer progresses, they have re-scored the song, adding orchestration and such, kinda cool. Here is the link….In Brazil, The Secret Policeman’s Third Ball has also been released on DVD, see here, also the German label “In-Akustik” will release a DVD called “The Secret Policeman’s Balls – In Concert” on Oct 14th that features Kate’s live performance of Running Up That Hill with David Gilmour, see here….The BBC have a “TOTP2 wallpaper” featuring Kate. Three different resolutions ready for download here, the beautiful shot of Kate is from the newly released BBC Top Of The Pops book. (thanks to Michael Leitz)….On Sept 25th MTV USA did a show called “No Hit Wonders.” Kate was referenced in mention to singer/actress Milla Jovovich (Fifth Element, Million Dollar Hotel), who released an album back in 1994. They compared her single “Gentlemen Who Fell” as a “weird combination of Enya meets Kate Bush, but not nearly as good.” (thanks to Collin Kelley)….an article on Kate has appeared in the current issue of Swedish magazine “Rock” (thanks Magnus)….Running Up That Hill has been recently added to a compilation CD called “Promises & Memories” in Italy. In the booklet included is a small photo of Kate performing “The Dreaming” on an Italian show called “Discoring” back in 1982, and a very positive review of the track. (thanks to Antonello Saeli)….Jenn Crowell in Washington DC writes: “there is an article on “Generation X” writers in the Sept./Oct 2002 edition of Pages, a US literary magazine, in which I mention Kate Bush as one of my major pop culture influences, I’m a novelist, and my novel Necessary Madness, which came out in the US and UK a few years back, actually quoted a line from Hounds of Love by name.” (thanks Jenn)