Newsbits: Paramount Picture’s 90th Anniversary Memorable Songs is a CD that “features popular songs that were featured in some of Paramount Pictures most successful motion pictures”, including Kate’s This Woman’s Work from “She’s Having A Baby”, read more here about this Sony release…the BBC’s Top Of The Pops website has five excerpts (Real Player) from Kate performances (Wow, Them Heavy People, Running Up That Hill, Hounds Of Love, and And So Is Love) here in their newly launched “microsite” on Kate, one fan commented that he had previously never heard of the Them Heavy People clip, so it could be a rare one (thanks to Cynthia and Michael Leitz)….a writer in The Guardian mentioned Kate in an article about a football club manager who was persuaded by “Heathcliffian tossing and turning” to pack his bags.”Heathcliff, it’s me, Cathy come home, I’m so cold, let me in-a-your window oh-uh-oh-oh-oh-uh-ho-oh.” That – as those of us who marvelled at a pert Kate Bush shrieking away like the great grandmother of all banshees on Top of the Pops – is the lung-busting chorus of Wuthering Heights. A chorus which, as anyone who’s muddled through GCSE English knows, refers to the haunting of the once-rugged Heathcliff by the ghostly figure of Cathy on the Yorkshire moors.” Read more here….Underground hip-hop icon Cage, a member of the Smut Peddlers, uses samples from Cloudbusting (the violins) in his song A Crowd Killer from his album Movies For The Blind (thanks to Michael Leitz)….a part of “Under Ice” was heavily aired in Japanese TV, in Fuji Television‘s ad for its drama series “Bara-No-Jujika (Rose Cross)” which starts this month. Fuji Television also used Night Scented Stock four years ago, which signs someone important in their drama section likes Kate. (thanks to Sozo Yamamoto, who keeps this site’s Japanese translation ticking over! – read more here.)…Sandra on the guestbook tells us that in Rolling Stone magazine’s Women in Rock issue, The Kick Inside was listed at #42 on the 50 most important albums by women chart (thanks Sandra)