ErasureJulia Fordham - Concrete Love CDBen on the guestbook lets us know that on Friday 10th January singer Julia Fordham chose Wuthering Heights on BBC Radio 2’s “Tracks Of My Years”. Her comments were as follows: “I remember seeing her on TV and I was really seduced by her. She is so individual, unique and original. And she has this strength and beauty and vulnerability. She’s a lovely artist and a big influence on me and I am really looking forward to her new record.” She’s currently promoting her Concrete Love album.

And, on Wednesday 15th January Andy Bell from Erasure chose Kate’s Army Dreamers on the same show. He said that he and Vince had once visited Kate’s house and asked her to produce their Wild album but unfortunately she was too busy. He also said that she makes fantastic music and that there is just so much on each of her albums. He concluded by saying that “Army Dreamers and Breathing are two of the greatest anti-war songs ever”. According to the Erasure website, they recorded a version of Running Up That Hill for their forthcoming album Other Peoples Songs, but it did not make the final cut. Possible future b-side? (Thanks to Ben)