Mojo Magazine - Feb '03I’ve been getting mostly a very positive reception from fans to the new February edition of Mojo Magazine which features Kate on the cover and includes a nine page retrospective feature by Phil Sutcliffe entitled “Season Of The Witch”. The Mojo website outline the article as follows: “Eccentric, elusive, English. It’s almost 25 years since Wuthering Heights made Kate Bush a star, and a decade since she quietly slipped from view. Phil Sutcliffe traces the path of a stubbornly individual and charmingly enigmatic songwriting genius.” The article includes contributions from some of Kate’s closest colleagues;Haydn Bendall (“I’m amazed she isn’t a megastar, that more people aren’t just thrilled that she’s around”), Stuart Elliott (“She comes into the studio and smiles and it’s all airy and sunshine. She really does care about people”), Jon Kelly (“We made Never For Ever a real home record, the studio was filled with flowers, plants, people”), David Gilmour (On the early demos she was “lively and quick, aching to know how everything worked”), David Paton (“You knew she was driven, it was the path she had to take”). Also quotes from David Munns, currently looking after her in EMI: (“Basically you don’t fuck with her. She ebbs and flows. You stay with her for life. She’s precious. I want her to be the way she is”). Kate didn’t give an interview to Mojo. Her business manager told them that she “wouldn’t be talking untill the album was out.” When Mojo asked when that might be, the reply was “how long is a piece of string?” The article also claims that Kate recently turned down a “life-time” Brit award  “because the organisers insisted she had to perform or she couldn’t have it”.

A few random comments from fans on the guestbook: “It’s nice to read how well respected she is though within the industry.”, “considered and well written, very well worth the cover price.”, “excellent and well thought out”. Elsewhere in this “English Eccentrics” edition of Mojo, The Dreaming makes the Top 50 eccentric albums list “stuffed with beautiful, bold music defining her magnificent voice”. John Harper has some scans here. It is great to see Kate on all the news-stands and that the article sums up her unique, strong-minded individuality so well. Nice one Mojo! (Note: it seems the US edition of Mojo features Carlos Santana on the cover, but still has the Kate article inside).