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HomeGround 74 features exclusive interview with John Carder Bush

John Carder BushHomeGround 74The new issue of HomeGround yet again has a unique contribution from a member of Kate’s family. Krys says “The highlight of this issue is an exclusive 7-page interview with John Carder Bush, Kate’s brother, that he & I did in June & July. It is absolutely wonderful & a must for all Kate fans. This issue has something of a Cathy theme, as you will see, and we think it is something quite special. We also have a wonderful article by Colin Lloyd Tucker about his new album Fear of Flying and the influences behind it. He takes us on a dreamy, atmospheric step into the past, to the places where his music came from. Colin sent me the demo some time ago, and the finished CD arrived recently. I have played it to death ever since! Details for ordering are at There’s a great article by writer and poet Collin Kelley on the late artist Edward Gorey, and we have several poems by Collin too. Keeping with the Cathy theme, Thom Penman has written a beautiful Cathy-inspired story, especially illustrated by Debi. And there is an interesting look at Kate’s early demos by Andrew Marvick. Mix all this together with a pinch of the Gothic and some amazing pieces of artwork by Debi and Neil.” The issue is being sent out Saturday 24th July & it should be with UK subscribers around Tuesday 27th. You can order a subscription and back issues by PayPal here. Krys adds: “The interview really is something very special. I’ve asked John about the Cathy book, his photography, the KT Bush Band, his poetry, his influences, inspirations & heaps of other stuff.”


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  1. David Balmer

    Please pass my e-mail address to John.
    We are old friends from school days.


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