BBC Radio 2 - The Mark Radcliffe ShowBBC Radio 2 DJ, Mark Radcliffe, has been making constant Kate references ever since somebody picked her record for the Crucial Three feature on his show last week. Mark is a huge KB fan and today will be day 5 on his show’s “Bushometer” (showing how many days he’s been waiting to get a reply). Apparently he desperately wants Kate to be on his show, he’d even be happy with a phone call. One of our site visitors, Louise, has had an email about Kate read out on air, other fans have been posting on his site’s guestbook and listener’s have been phoning in their Kate-related anecdotes. Currently the show’s website is running a poll (right) as to why Kate mightn’t be replying! You can hear the archives of his show on the site also – he usually updates listeners on the Bush-o-meter in the first 5 minutes of his shows. (thanks to Louise Carrington)