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Running Up That Hill – released 25 years ago today!

Obviously we could celebrate each and every 25th (or 30th) anniversary milestone as it came along, but this is worth mentioning. On August 5th 1985 Kate released her new single Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God). In those days, the gap of three years since The Dreaming seemed enormous! Kate’s perceived lack of visibility meant that a lot of people had almost forgotten about her. Nothing could have prepared them for this extraordinary first taster from the Hounds of Love album. While it was as unique and powerful as her other work, this strong, beautiful and passionately urgent song went on to be her biggest international singles chart hit since Wuthering Heights. She performed the song on the Wogan BBC TV show on the day of release. It was her first significant US chart hit and her first 12″ single. I’m off to listen to the song now, LOUD! I’m also going to listen to probably Kate’s most popular b-side, Under the Ivy, taken from this single (in the full knowledge that I’m risking the wrath of You Want Alchemy fans there!). With thanks to Kestrel on the forum for the reminder, enjoy the classic video below which also features dancer Michael Hervieu, and also a clip of the famous Wogan “comeback” appearance.

p.s. on tonight’s Hoot radio show ( Thomas played FIVE different versions of Running Up That Hill! Also Coldplay’s “tribute” to the track ‘Speed of Sound’

[youtube width=”450″ height=”364″][/youtube]

[youtube width=”450″ height=”364″][/youtube]


Kate archive footage on upcoming TV show


The HomeGround Book – glimpse of the Cover Art


  1. BSB

    KB1/12KB1 – such an important record. 25 years have been very kind to it. HB RUTH!

  2. Peter

    EEeeek! 25 Years? What I remember about that evening is that Terry is very very tall, and BBC food is terrible. Kate of course was wonderful, apart from when she lined up on us with the bow. Kidding – I think 🙂

  3. Andreas Skurla

    ZZZAAWWM!!! What was that? That was your life mate! Do I get another? Sorry!! 25 years? It can’t be.

  4. The greatest song ever. EVER!

  5. Deborah

    Agree with Collin, wonderful wonderful song xxx

  6. What can I say about HoL that’s not been said before?

    It kept me from leaving University.

    It helped me to recognise a soulmate who’s been with me for 22 years.

    It inspires me everytime I hear it (and leaves me a feeling like a wrung-out rag)

    Thanks Kate, Del, Brian, Paddy, and everyone involved – it’s the greatest piece of music of the past 30 years.

    Here’s my tribute:

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