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The HomeGround Book – glimpse of the Cover Art

Work on the HomeGround anthology is still ongoing, though we are near the end of the first working draft (I’m currently working on the final part of the “Five Years Ago”/News/etc chronology for 2005-2008).

Here is a glimpse of ideas for the front and back covers using the beautiful artwork done for us by Steven Brown. Still to settle exact design/typeface and lay out, but it will be something like this:

The idea is that the anthology is “bookended” between Wuthering Heights and Aerial:

We are enourmously grateful to Steven, who took time out of his busy schedule to create these beautiful images for us.


Running Up That Hill – released 25 years ago today!


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  1. Avatar

    The cover art is stunning. Can’t wait!

  2. Avatar


    Wow, this is a cut above the usual stuff – gorgeous artwork!

  3. Avatar


    The art is lovely!

  4. Avatar

    Can I just toss in my two pennyworth??…. I love the second one of the two.. Reminds me of Never Forever.. I think that you-know-who would like that one too!!..

  5. Avatar

    Beautiful artwork, and i think the typeface looks fine too.
    I don’t think you can position it any other way than you have to be honest.

    • Avatar

      Lisa Oliver

      I especially like the back cover – I don’t think that the proposed front cover is a good likeness (please don’t shoot me, just my opinion). Very much looking forward to the book’s completion.

      • Avatar


        Lisa, I agree with you that the ‘rear’ should become the ‘front.’ See my comment further down about the artist friend. Like you, I can hardly wait for this book which will be so special. xx

  6. Avatar


    Gorgeous, sensitive artwork. I love the theme of being bookended by WH and Ariel. Agree with Del that KB would adore the rear cover artwork, it struck me straight away as NFE style. Anf of course I love all things that fly. xxx

  7. Avatar


    Just shown the artwork to an artist friend who’s instant reaction was ‘use the Arial picture for the front – catches the eye immediately and is more contemporary.’ I tend to agree. I know it would make sense to have the WH pic as the front cover, and it is very beautiful and classic, but I feel the Arial picture has more immediate impact. As we’re looking back down the years, maybe this would be the most appropriate for a cover? Just a thought. 🙂 xx

  8. Avatar


    I’ll bet the second cover will win. Really love the painting.

  9. Avatar

    The second cover all the way. It’s beautiful. I personally think the typeface for the word “Homeground” looks a little… WI-ish. Maybe would look nicer in the font from the first cover? Would distinct the title a bit more in my opinion. Other than that it’s perfect.

  10. Avatar


    I agree with those who like the back cover as the front cover. The proposed front cover is good but not quite “magical” for Kate, It must be “special” It’s Kate,afterall

  11. Avatar

    Keith Pitches

    Great cover!!

  12. Avatar

    Lisa Campbell

    Love both of the covers, but the more Never Forever Inspired cover does it for me! £35 does seem a little steep for the book price though.

    • Peter

      That would have been the price for the hardback. It is more likely that the format of the book will be soft cover at £20-£25

  13. Avatar


    I can’t wait! I think £35 is still pretty cheap for a book like that! When will it come out? X

  14. Peter


    Looking at sometime next year. Am just completing first “draft”.

  15. Avatar

    andy murray

    do we have a date for publication yet?will it be available on amazon , ,waterstones?and will there be a choice of hard cover and soft cover?

    • Peter

      Hello Andy,

      We’re correcting at the moment. We have Autumn in mind for publication. We understand from the publisher that it will be available on Amazon. Don’t know about others. Final decisions on hard/soft cover to be made, also whether one or two volumes. Will keep eveyone updated.

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