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Happy 25th birthday, Hounds of Love!

Another anniversary, but c’mon, this is big! Twenty five years ago today Kate released Hounds of Love, her fifth studio album. We could talk about the album on this site for the rest of 2010, so instead lets just listen to the magnificent Hounds of Love today, it’s as thrillingly fresh and exciting as it was on the day of release.

And remember, if you want to order the new heavyweight vinyl audiophile edition of the album from the Audio Fidelity site, you can use the discount code hounds9th at the site’s check-out, to avail of the 20% discount. Offer ends September 30th.

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  1. Del Palmer

    What an album!!…
    So much work.. So much innovation.. Such vision…
    I find all the albums I’ve worked on so hard to listen to after they are done.. You live with them, they are such a part of your life… It takes years before you can stand back and hear them as others might…
    I listened to this only recently and it blew my socks off!!!….
    I am so proud to have been a part of such a piece of work…

    • A big Happy Hounds of Love day to you, Del! What an album indeed! You should feel incredibly proud and we should feel so grateful to you for pouring so much energy into this, and making this masterpiece with Kate. I was hearing new things on this album recently listening to the new vinyl cut, it really does sound as alive and exciting as it did back then. I’ll be listening to it all day!

  2. My Audio Fidelity version of Hounds of Love arrived today — perfect timing. It’s stunning. Listening to it now, being transported back to 1985 and twirling around my parents’ living room singing and dancing to “Running Up That Hill” and “The Big Sky” and having my mind expanded by the masterpiece that is The Ninth Wave. This remains not only my favorite Kate album, but my favorite album period. It never fails to amaze me, move me and I hear something new — 25 years later — every time I listen. HOL remains one of my strongest sources of inspiration as a writer and poet. Hats off to Kate and Del for creating this iconic piece of music. Without HOL, I would be nothing.

  3. Dennis Lumbra / Vermont

    I’ll never forget the first time I listened to this album… after the final notes faded, I sat in silence for several minutes. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard… I purposely paused in an effort to make the moment solidify somehow… it was that important to me. Still is. My favorite album to this day.
    Love to you Kate…

  4. Sky

    Is it 25 years already? I remember the first time I played it. The 9th Wave blew my socks off – and still does. Timeless. xx

  5. Jaakko

    Sublime beauty. Love and respect to Kate and everyone involved in the creation of this masterpiece.

  6. Eut (Holland)

    In my opinion “Hounds of Love” simply still is the most beautiful piece of art in popular music and it’s amazing that Mrs.Bush and all musicians involved, were able to create this unique collection of songs on just one album. This music has enriched my life for the last 25 years. Thanks so much, Kate.

  7. BSB

    Happy Birthday, Hounds of Love – you have licked my ears, slept on my lap and nuzzled into my chest for 25 years. My muse, my comforter, my teacher. Bravely ambitious; innovative; timeless – a brilliantly beautiful work, painted by a true sonic pioneer. Thank you, thank you, thank you x

  8. Paul Smith (NOT the designer!)

    Simply one of the best albums of all time, will be around long after we are all gone. Kudos to Kate for the vision, kudos to all who worked with her to make it what it is.

  9. Zingo33

    Must confess I was disappointed by when the first single Running Up That Hill was released. I didn’t like it, but disappointment was changed to awe when I got the album and started to listen to songs like Cloudbusting, Hello Earth and Under Ice.

    I have just ordered the Audio Fidelity version.

  10. Shocking. This is one of the first albums I ever bought new. Has it really been 25 years? Still sounds as fresh as the day I heard it first. Still got my Betamax copy of the “Hair of the Hound”… It’s been so long since then that Kate has completely skipped a technological generation. We asked, “When’s this coming out on DVD?” but never got it. I now want to know “When’s this coming out on BluRay?”.

  11. jon wood

    This Album is a classic and i can’t believe it’s 25 years ago that i bought it. My favorite album is still ‘The Dreaming’ but i listen to them all still today. Kate you are a legend and your music is going down in history but please GIVE US MORE. x

  12. DavyBee

    In 25 years no other piece of work has stirred me nor stayed with me in the same way that HOL has. Kate’s music has been part of my “soundtrack” since Wuthering Heights and is never far far from my stereo. Myself, my wife and daughter, and now my grand-daughter all share the love of this womans work. Hope we hear some more of Kate in the none too distant future. Could say loads more, but it’s already been said!!
    Thanks to Kate and her wonderful musicians for all they have ever done for British/Irish music!!

  13. Sharon Kearney

    I just got my hounds of love 180 gram vinyl – I haven’t played it yet, waiting for a new stylus to arrive. However, the front cover graphics are completely oversaturated, the whole photo looks way too pink – looks like Kate has a completely pink face and the image is actually blurry. Extremely disappointing, I wrote to them so we’ll see what they say but I’m surprised nobody noticed this, it looks really amateur which is a major bummer for such a fine re-issue. Plus the black and white picture on the back looks different, way too sharp, I’m seeing detail that wasn’t visible before. Whoever did the print work is a total chancer and has no idea what they’re doing

    • Sharon Kearney

      Well I heard back from them – they say it’s an exact replica of the U.S. release and would it be possible that I was comparing this to the English release. I did have the English release so I don’t know if they were different. I do know that I saw an old U.S. release cover in Amoeba Music yesterday and the black and white picture is as I remembered – not sharp and not half as much dark detail as on the re-issue – either way, it doesn’t matter I guess, it seems like they’ve done their best to get it right and printing is not done the same way now anyway – digital is always involved somewhere along the line and there’s nothing you can do about it

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