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Never for Ever – 30 years old today

The first ever UK number one album by a solo British female artist was released 8th September 1980. “Never for Ever…I’ve called it this because I’ve tried to make it reflective of all that happens to you and me. Life, love, hate, we, are all transient. All things pass, neither good or evil lasts. So we must tell our hearts that it is “never for ever,” and be happy that it’s like that!” (Kate Bush, KBC Magazine 1980)

Update: The album contains well-known songs such as Babooshka, Army Dreamers and Breathing, but how many of you are aware of the close correlation between the seemingly unrelated tracks, Night Scented Stock and Blow Away (for Bill)? They are essentially the same tune. Here’s a great video demonstration put together by Keith DeWeese, or alternatively, you can find an even better audio match-up here


Beck Siàn – Ethereal EP – Her first recording


Happy 25th birthday, Hounds of Love!


  1. Lisa

    Happy Birthday, Never For Ever. Thank you for your company all these years.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Seán 🙂

  3. Thanks for letting me know about it. I was just singing “Wuthering Heights” to myself on this cool cloudy LA morning on my way to work. Kate, your music is never too far out of mind.

  4. Beautiful album, beautiful cover. Am I ever glad God made Kate Bush!

  5. Thirty years. Don’t they go by in a blink?

    Happy Birthday, NFE. It’s my second favorite Kate album.

  6. “Life, love, hate, we, are all transient”
    Yes, but to quote Phillip Armstrong Scott, ‘wars may come and wars may go, but art lives on forever’ (actually Emeric Pressburger wrote that…)

    And here we all are proving that the work of one very special artist will never, ever ‘blow away’.

    Oh and Never for Ever was knocked off the top slot by ‘Scary Monsters’ – I bet Kate didn’t mind that!

  7. Deborah

    Happy Happy Birthday darling NFE you were such a brightness in my teenage years and still make me feel so happy now. love and warmth xxxxxxxxxxx

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