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Reissues on the way! Kate back in control of four EMI albums

Four upcoming Kate reissues

Paul Williams writes in Music Week :

Four Kate Bush albums are expected to be re-issued this year after the singer won back control of them from EMI, but there is no confirmation yet about any new material coming from her in 2011. The Dreaming, Hounds Of Love, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes, which EMI originally released between 1982 and 1993, are all lined up to be re-issued with former EMI and PolyGram executive David Munns now acting as a consultant to her.

The one-time EMI worldwide vice chairman and EMI Recorded Music North America chairman and CEO’s association with Bush goes back to when she was first signed to EMI and the release of her first album The Kick Inside in 1978.

“I’ve been involved for about a year now,” said Munns. “People think I’m managing and I’m really consulting. I drift in and out of these projects.”

There has been recent speculation of a new studio album from Bush, which would be her first since Aerial in 2005. That itself did not appear until a dozen years after her previous release The Red Shoes.

Dave Munns“There are other plans but I’m not able to talk about them right now,” is all Munns would say, adding, “There’s nothing ready until Kate says it’s ready. That’s always been the way.” Munns was also involved in the campaign for last years Greatest Hits album by Bon Jovi, an act he worked with extensively when he was at PolyGram International in the early Nineties and then worked with them in an independent capacity when he left the major in 1998. “I’m still doing stuff with Bon Jovi,” said Munns who took charge of the marketing for the retrospective.

The long-promised reissues are finally happening! Delighted to hear that Kate has not only won control of these albums but now wants to make them available in the very best presentation possible. Nice work Mr Munns! More on these upcoming reissues, and the “other plans” as we get word…


NME reports Kate is set to release “new material” this year


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  1. Great news! Can’t wait to hear them fresh again and see what the extra goodies are.

  2. Wonderful news! I hope remastering is a given. I think “The Red Shoes” could do with that 😉

  3. A. Morency

    Any news that Kate is still active is welcome…. can’t wait for more from her.

  4. I agree re The Red Shoes in particular…the mix always seemed bad. I would love to hear it remastered.

  5. Julian

    I have taken a look at what Munn’s did for the Bon Jovi retrospective last year, and imagine it will probably be similar to Kate’s package, greatest hits album with 4 new tracks and a DVD of some kind.?

  6. Sky

    Reissues. There are already reissues out there, admittedly not all of the above albums. In these hard up times, I couldn’t warrant paying out again for albums I already have. An album of new material, however, would definitely get the purse open.

  7. Well, perhaps she’s seen my sh*t quality reconstruction of the “Tour of Life” and thought ‘oh come on – I can do it better than that!’

    Great news on the remasters as well – Kate’s taking some pride in her back catalogue at last (and so she bloody should!)

  8. Andy

    Hope 24bit 192 khz & LP versions are made available.

    Hope Kate hears the mastered version before it is given the go ahead. So many recent releases & remasters are over compressed with no dynamic range and sound awful. Kate’s last album did not follow this trend and thankfully sounded great.

  9. Barbara

    Well done to David Munns!

  10. John

    This is fantastic news, but I hope it is only the tip of the iceberg and we get the first three albums as well. A DVD box set would be nice – videos, tour, film (it’s not that bad and Kate looks beautiful and moves well in it). I’m looking forward to The Sensual World the most – there are so many different, unearthly sounds on it that will shine remastered.

    As for a Greatest Hits – the timing doesn’t feel right to me. I’d rather Kate wait until her next full length album is ready (even if it’s another six years away) before committing to a Greatest Hits. There is something ‘final’ about a Greatest Hits album for me, especially for someone whose output is as sporadic as Kate’s.

  11. Lisa Campbell

    I thought she’d always had control over all her work anyway. If not can someone please explain the Audiophile vinyl reissues?

  12. Stephen

    It would be great to hear “The dreaming” in surround sound. Hopefully these remasters will include 5.1 mixes.

  13. Jim Brown

    How about a release along the lines of the recent Genesis boxes? 5.1 SACD, DVD, Extra tracks & videos all remastered. Even Peter Gabriel thought they were good!

  14. I have been waiting for a greatest hits digitally remastered cd for years. I can understand that some people think it’s final, but the whole story has been out since 1990. Now it’s time to have a new Kate greatest hits out, digitally remastered with the master tapes so clean you could hear a pin drop.

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