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Kate signs limited edition Aerial ‘Soundwaves’ art prints (exclusive site discount)

Tim Wakefield - Soundwaves print of the Kate Bush song Aerial - signed by the artist and Kate Bush

Tim Wakefield – Soundwaves print of the Kate Bush song Aerial – signed by the artist and Kate Bush

Kate has chosen the title song from the Aerial album to be interpreted by UK artist Tim Wakefield in one of his highly collectible “Soundwaves” artworks. The resulting prints, described as stunning artworks created from digital images formed in the recording process,  sample a section of the song. Wakefield listens to the music, the lyrics and the tempo of the song to decide what colours and shapes he’s looking for before presenting them to the music artist. He has devised a technique to enlarge and customise these images, transforming them into lar

Dimensions: Print Size 660mm X 660mm Medium: Archival Digital Print On Paper Limited Edition: 50 Worldwide (Please note: the actual prints do not feature the ‘Soundwaves’ watermark as seen above)

The prints are available to purchase from St Pauls Gallery here. The gallery is exclusively offering our site visitors a 10% discount. The discount code is WTOYT154 (case sensitive). Interested buyers can put this code in the ‘get discount’ box then press ‘recalculate’ at check out. This will apply the discount.

There is a limited run of 50 ‘Aerial’ prints worldwide, each one hand-signed by Kate and Tim Wakefield, and individually hand-numbered. They are sold in co-operation with the Nordoff Robbins charity, which brings music’s transforming power to children and adults in need, through the delivery of music therapy services, music and health projects and community music projects, as well as education programmes and research. Other artists who have taken part in the Soundwaves charity project include Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael, Pink Floyd, The Bee Gees, The Killers, Tina Turner and Kings Of Leon. Recently, all four members of Abba signed Soundwaves prints based on their music.


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  1. Isabelle

    These auctions are directed to the rich and warm-hearted 😉 I’m just the second :DI wish I could afford it, but not in this life ;]

    Hope the will get in good hands!

    And btw nice to know that Kate is alive 🙂
    Today I was thinking about writing a little script for my mother’s children theatrical group (they are very succesful) inspired by Kate’s songs. I’ve read an article about Polish teacher who played Kate’s music to 5-year olds and they smiled all the time and liked it a lot. The teacher used to listen to Kate before she went to work so she was always full of energy. My mother often uses music in her plays. I would not like to violate EMI’s or Kate’s copyrights and I’m not sure how to cope with that yet.

    Best wishes and a lot of love to Kate’s fans and to Kate herself :*

  2. Reza

    In the bottom left corner, has “Aerial” been misspelled as “Airiel”? Was this deliberate?

  3. Ah, well…if I had a spare $1,000 I would certainly buy one. However, I must pay the rent instead.

  4. Ritchie

    Yippee, I scored #13 of 50 all the way to Perth, Western Australia. 909 Aussie dollars well spent I say as the artwork is superb & Kate’s signature is definitely hand written. The spelling of ‘Aerial’ on mine shows as as ‘Aerial’ with a dot above the ‘e’. Maybe Mr Wakefield consumed a little too much liquor at the signing ceremony & mixed up his eyes with his ee’s. But damn the spelling bees I say as I am now a member of the Club of 50 & I will show off about it. Thanks to Mr Wakefield for making it so and a massive thanks to Our Kate for making it true treasure.

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