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Theo Bleckmann Reinterprets Kate Bush

Theo Bleckmann

Jazzonline writes: “We recently ran a post about jazz singer Theo Bleckmann and his brilliant concert of the songs of underrated British pop artist & songwriter Kate Bush. Our partner site also ran a similar post on this colorful project. Working in conjunction withboomitude, we contacted Theo and asked him to share the evolution of his amazing project which he eloquently does on the podcast below. Listen as Theo speaks of his inspiration which only further illustrates the beauty of these special works…both his and hers.” Read the full article here.


The Long Shadow of Kate Bush


Kate signs limited edition Aerial ‘Soundwaves’ art prints (exclusive site discount)


  1. I think the musical reinterpretations he’d done sound amazing (esp. Running Up That Hill) but his voice just doesn’t work for me. It’s a little too cabaret for me. I admire his passion though for Kate. It’s amazing to see the flurry of Kate news!

  2. Paul D Smith

    I joined Theos Facebook page following a heads up on his work, there are one or two clips of him singing Kate songs, alternatively they can be found on Youtube – worth a listen!

  3. Jazzonline writes ‘underrated…’ By who? WHO? Even people who are Kate fans don’t underrate her. Sorry, I just couldn’t let that one go.

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