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How Do You Feel About Kate Bush?

Derek Erdman on The Stranger writes: “In 2002 I met a bunch of really tough guys. Not guys that were going around beating people up, they were more like ultra-crusties that ate garbage food and slept in boxes outside. They moved into an abandoned house near my house .. they burned newspaper logs in barrels for warmth and grilled pots of vegetables to eat. The pots were just full of vegetable slop that they kept adding garbage produce into, with hot sauce. .. One guy was called VV because he was from West Virginia .. He and I were the closest, we talked a lot about life and music because we both had similar childhoods and both worked in record stores .. He tried so hard to get me into Kate Bush, but for some reason I just never really liked her music. He’d play me records and tell me about her life and how she wrote her songs, he was totally obsessed with her. For some reason I never got it …”

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  1. Lisa

    I’m the ripe old age of 42, and to this day I can still remember the first time i saw her perform Wuthering Heights on TOTPs. I’d never seen anything that strange ever! The first Kate single I ever got was the Live On Stage e.p that my mum bought for me because I drove her mad singing Them Heavy People, or rather what bit I could remember!! The first Kate L.p I ever bought was Never For Ever & I’ve been hooked ever since.

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