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Kate Bush Art by Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry: “Painting kate Bush, it has to be said, for me is a similar experience to painting Debbie Harry. I completely lose myself whilst I am painting and usually listen to the music of the subject of the painting.

This celebrity art is oil on board and I became quite obsessive in my approach to painting this portrait of Kate. I wanted to keep smoothing it out and making the face as slick as possible. The odd thing was, as I was listening to her song “An Architect’s Dream” (which features Rolf Harris no less), the line about her favourite piece being the mistake in the artist’s work. At that point I decided that this portrait was perfect …”

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  1. Yikes! Look like there is a problem on this guy’s website! Maybe it’s just my computer- but apparently you’ve been “hacked”.

  2. Lisa

    I love the stuff on his website, it’s the type of style I like to paint in myself – the Madonna one is great and I like the ‘female art’.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments on my artwork and apologies for all the link problems. My website was indeed hacked last week but is being rebuilt wih Kate in prominent position.

    Best Regards

    Joe Hendry

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