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Limited edition Hounds of Love 10″ vinyl EP coming April 16th from Audio Fidelity

Audio Fidelity, the US company that remastered Kate’s Hounds of Love album last year (in a popular gatefold vinyl edition) is releasing a limited edition 4-track 10″ vinyl Hounds of Love EP, with tracks chosen by Kate, on April 16th. Pressed on pink vinyl, Side 1 features The Big Sky and Cloudbusting and Side 2 features Watching You Without Me and Jig of Life. Audio Fidelity tell me that Kate also personally selected the cover art. Click on the image to go to the Audio Fidelity site for more info. This release is to coincide with Record Store Day 2011. Support your local independent record shop!

Hounds of Love 10" EPWhile this release features remastered tracks from both sides of the Hounds of Love album which are previously released, this is nonetheless (I think!) Kate’s first 4-track vinyl release since the UK 12″ of Love and Anger in 1990, and possibly her first official release in the 10″ vinyl format. Email me if you know different of course. EP cover photo is by John Carder Bush. EP priced at $14.99, limited run of 1,000 copies. Audio Fidelity will be offering this title only to their subscription club members and through independent retailers. Online retailers, such as Amazon, will not be able to carry this special title.

From the Audio Fidelity subscriber email:

“On Saturday, April 16th, the music community comes together and honors the independent record retailers on RECORD STORE DAY.

This is a one day event and last year 1,400 retail outlets around the world participated in this special day.

Audio Fidelity will be participating this year with a special 10″ colored vinyl Collector’s Limited Edition of Kate Bush’s “Hounds Of Love”.

This 10″ colored vinyl will have 4 tracks and will retail for $14.98. As this is a special collector’s limited edition, with Kate’s blessing, we will only be manufacturing 1,000 copies. Once those are gone, we will manufacture no more.

You will be able to purchase only one (1) copy per club membership should you choose to purchase this title.

We need to have your order in ASAP to reserve your limited edition collector’s copy. As I mentioned, we are only making 1,000 copies and the demand from retail far surpasses that number.” for more…


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  1. Yes, please! I’ll buy that. Looks cool.

  2. Isabelle

    Oh why did I threw away my vinyl player…? 😡
    Lucky audiophiles!

  3. Dreamtimetk

    thank you for the post, this is brilliant! I Definitely will buy it.

  4. Thanks for posting this! Will surely buy if it comes over to Boston. I love my Hounds of Love LP from there.

  5. Lisa

    I so want it, count me in! & I thought it couldn’t get better than their previous releases.

  6. Sky

    Do we know which ‘independent retailers’ they will use, and will any be in the UK? I don’t want to join their club just for one Kate vinyl, but very much want a copy.

  7. Paul

    The way I read this is that Audio Fidelity are the only ones offering this record and you have to join their monthly subcription club to get it? Would that be correct? I’m not even sure membership is open to those of us that are European based.

  8. Sky

    Many thanks, Sean. xx

  9. Lisa

    I’ve signed up for the subsciption & you have to buy one of their new releases every month ,I ‘ve had to buy Laura Nyro (who is She?)to make sure I get my Kate. What a rip off! I’m selling it on as soon as it arrives!!!

    • Hi Lisa, I think fans are either doing what you did or trying to track down a record shop that will be getting it in. Pity to have to buy stuff you don’t want 🙁

  10. Gabe

    It’s a shame you are not familiar with the work of Laura Nyro-undoubtedly one of the all-time greatest female singer/songwriters. Look at the record of hers you got as part of the Audio Fidelity club as a bonus not a bother. She was brilliant.

  11. martine

    oh,how i’d love to be’ lucky for this one.i will have to read this offer again because am not sure about the deal, and the possibility of it.anyway.i thank you for posting.Just want to mention here that i live in belgium and august 10th i will be going to London for 4 days,anybody has a suggestion,idea,or anything intresting to share with me,maybe about katie’s work,like shops or so;please,don’t hesitate and share something with me if you ‘d like,

  12. robert henry

    Just picked this up today for Record Store Day,and it is great!10″ pink wax, amazing photo cover and 4 wonderful tracks.Who could ask for anything more!Stoked!

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