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Official Kate Bush Youtube channel and Twitter account announced!

Kate’s official Youtube channel was announced today on her official Facebook page. We’ve seen this being put together over the last few months with good quality videos being constantly added – worth checking out here. Kate’s new Twitter profile can be viewed here. The latest tweet heralds the Youtube debut of King of the Mountain in hi-def!

Official Kate Bush EMI Youtube channel


Limited edition Hounds of Love 10″ vinyl EP coming April 16th from Audio Fidelity


Miu Miu Fashion Show features Kate soundtrack


  1. Isabelle

    If it is the official yt page why are some of the videos blocked in some countries (copyrights)?

  2. It’s officially official! I also noticed some of the vids are blocked.

    • Isabelle

      North Americans and some Germans have problems.
      I’m so lucky to see all the videos this time 😀

  3. Sky

    How lovely! It’s high time, yet also unexpected. This is going to be a very Kate-newsy year.

  4. I suppose I can take the KateWorlds off line now. Long time waiting to see all of this.



    • Hello Len! We were only proofing some of your stuff for the book a few days ago. How are you?

  5. This is so awsome, i am SO excited 😀

  6. John (Chichester)

    Kate Bush was mooted to be moving to secluded Brasted Chart in Kent way back in the 1980s – we lived in the middle of woods there at the time (that is before the 1987 hurricane blew much of them away).

    Was that possibility ever the case for he?

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