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Director’s Cut tracklisting revealed?

A Swedish CD store (link here) is listing the Director’s Cut tracklisting as follows. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED!

UPDATE: The Swedish site have removed the tracklisting. As we said, this is not confirmed by EMI or Kate. We will await any official word.

1 Flower of the Mountain
2 Song of Solomon
3 Lily
4 Deeper Understanding
5 The Red Shoes
6 This Woman’s Work
7 Moments of Pleasure
8 Never be Mine
9 Top of the City
10 And so is Love
11 Rubberband Girl


First official image of Kate for Director’s Cut released!


BBC Radio 2 world single premiere! Exclusive audio clip!


  1. Pól

    Hmmm, Flower of the Mountain?

    • richard Hanna

      Flower of the Mountain is the new version of “The Sensual World’. Kate was recently given permission by James Joyce’s estate to use lines from Ulysses which had previously been disallowed when The album was released.

  2. Toddicus

    Where is “why should I love you”? The director’s cut version is already on YouTube but not listed here. This track listing must be mistaken or a fake

    • David Cross

      That version of `Why Should I LOve you ‘ is an old demo version, leaked from someone who worked at Paisly Park about two years ago, it is NOT one of the new recordings. Dave Homeground

  3. kate bush fan

    only three songs from the sensual world :C

    between a man and a woman and love and anger should be on tracklist

    i am glad that lily will be revisited if the tracklist is real

    i hope that constellation of the heart will also be on the directors cut

  4. Hasse

    Hm, tracklisting has been removed from now……

  5. Reza

    There’s no “Why Should I Love You?”, which is the track people were expecting most to be on it.

  6. Yes! no mucking around with Rocket’s Tail!

  7. Dreamtimetk

    I will wait for the original official list for Kate/EMI

  8. rowan fisher

    looks great if its right i wonder if Flower of the Mountain is alike to her song “pick the rare flower” or maybe not..
    if it is real i’m not sure how she could change this woman’s work its so perfect as it is!
    Another question does anyone have any idea if there will be a B side to “deeper understanding”?

  9. Neil

    “He said I was a FLOWER OF THE MOUNTAIN yes, but now I’ve powers o’er a woman’s body” – Line from “The Sensual World”.

  10. Mike

    I have absolutely no idea how she could improve/reinterpret This Woman’s Work. It’s simply perfection, therefore I doubt that the track listing is correct.

  11. Joyce

    OMG, “This woman’s work”, “Never be mine” and “Deeper understanding” are my favorites… I trust Kate, but i’m worried. (:

    • Like I said in the posting – it’s not officially confirmed. However, I don’t share any of your fears. If you went to a live show of Kate’s today (I KNOW…just imagine along with me!) how would you expect her to re-visit her songs? Match the original recordings? Or breathe fresh, different life into them, and even have some fun with them? I don’t think the message from Director’s Cut will be “these songs are better now”, rather I think it’ll be “this is how I’m choosing to approach these songs now, this is pleasing to me as the person who created them…and by the way we’re remastering the originals for you also” It’s a win-win! 🙂

      • Erin

        yes! My sentiments exactly. For me, new versions will live side by side with the originals.

      • richard Hanna

        Good Point Sean! However Kate has not developed these songs organically through performance with a live audience. Deeper understanding sounds a bit like a live version but two thirds of the way through the song falls apart. The original captivates from start to finish. it worries me that Kate has engineered an environment where no-one can say “no” to her. Directors Cut indeed; Kate’s output is more like a film directors than a musician. Somewhere in her there must be a certain regret that these songs were not able to evolve through performance. My worry is that she has lost touch. I hope to be proved wrong.

  12. Craig

    The only real disappointment for me is the lack of Rocket’s Tail – the original is great, until the guitars kick in. A new version, completely (or nearly) acapella, would be brilliant.

  13. Isabelle

    You are posting rumours! 😀

    But I think…it might be the REAL tracklist. They just try to keep their poker face… 😉

    Aww, soo exciting!

  14. Anne

    This is a very exciting development -very interested if Lily is on the Director’s Cut as I love this song – in fact I love The Red Shoes cd – I reckon it’s very underrated

  15. Jeffrey

    I am usually not thrilled with covers of originals by the artist but I will take anything I can get from Kate.

  16. Alexander Johansson

    The tracklisting is genuine.

  17. Sky

    IF this is close to the real tracklisting, I feel it speaks volumes about TRS. My feelings about that album are that there were a number of excellent songs but somehow they didn’t seem to hang together as a whole. Maybe Kate felt so too. This is going to be a fascinating listening experience.

  18. JeremyM

    All of my favorites from The Red Shoes, minus Big Stripey Lie, would be represented with this tracklisting! Songs like Top of the City are some of her most genuinely emotional moments, but the early-90s sound of the original recordings has always held them back a little bit. Somehow, 1990s production didn’t age in the endearing way that the 1980s did, haha. The bridge of Song of Solomon is one of Kate’s finest sonic moments, and I cannot wait to hear it improved. I hope that this is tracklisting is, in fact, genuine!

  19. It’s like waiting for XMASS presents! I know what I am going to get but still it’s so exciting and I don’t know what will it REALLY be like!

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