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BBC Radio 2 world single premiere! Exclusive audio clip!

From the official Facebook page:

Radio 2 will be the first radio station in the world to play the new Kate Bush single, “Deeper Understanding” on Monday 4 April 2011.  The song will be played within the Ken Bruce show at approximately 11.10am. Ken Bruce told us ‘The listeners to my show are very vocal when it comes to their musical loves, so I know that having the world exclusive of Kate’s new single will surpass their extremely high standards. I can’t wait to hear it myself.’

The song will be the Record of the Week on Radio2 and will be played each day on the Ken Bruce’s Show and Alex Lester’s programme. Jeff Smith, Head of Music, Radio 2 and 6 Music  – ”Kate’s music is as influential today as it was when it was first released, so I’m delighted to have this world exclusive.

To celebrate the news from Radio 2… We bring you love and Deeper Understanding…

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  1. GER

    yeah,KATE sounds so great,,,I’m so excited,,,,
    love you KATE,,,,thanks,, love GER

  2. Jazz influences?


  3. Dreamtimetk

    Definitely jazzy and very good and refreshed version of the original, different and great!!

  4. mats

    Its great, but has Bush taken up smoking again?

  5. Karen Newcombe

    Love the dog bark near the end…Yip!

  6. Mike

    Hm … not that enthusiastic about it yet but must listen to the whole thing. I’m curious about if she also has updated the lyrics for including something about social networks like Facebook.

  7. Fabien b.

    Hello everyone !

    I’m very excited (like a lot of you I think) since I heard about new material from Kate, few weeks ago. Though I’m agree with Mike, and I’m not enthousiast about this short extract (which maybe seem a bit too close from the original orchestration), I don’t want to make a judgement now. I’m too impatient :p. I can’t wait to be on the 5th of april ! Happy to hear and to see Kate again (she looks great !)

    Thanks a lot to this excellent site who share all this informations with us.

    Kisses from France 😉

  8. mario stuppini

    she’s always the best.

  9. Ricardo

    The sound is fantastic !! _ Thanks

  10. Isabelle

    I need Deeper Understanding, too. 😡

    I wish I could take a day off for that, but I have just reached the limit for Kate-days… 😉

    Spring is now even MORE sunny!

  11. George

    Kate is Timeless….from Wuthering Heights to the brand new Deeper Understanding she never ceases to amaze me. I LOVE HER!!!!

  12. esk

    hmmm, it sounds like a nice arrangement of this excellent song but i’m disappointed – i thought this was going to be new material…

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