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Reminder: Deeper Understanding world premiere!

Are you all set? The excitement has been building all week, fans have discussed every possible aspect of THOSE delicious sample clips and THAT striking new photograph of Kate. And now, we will hear new Kate Bush music on BBC RADIO 2 at approximately 11.10am GMT, this morning. We couldn’t be more thrilled and wish Kate every success as she re-visits that glorious song, Deeper Understanding, for the first time in over two decades. Over to you, Ken Bruce, press execute…


George Michael tweets Deeper Understanding!


Full length version of Deeper Understanding on Youtube!


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    Just as I did with “King of the Mountain,” I’m setting my alarm for 6 a.m. here in the states to listen to “Deeper Understanding.” Then I’m going back to bed for two more hours before work.

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      Ooooooh….Kate you’re so wonderful…what a fantastic rendition you’ve given us.

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    or GMT+1?

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    Let’s go DEEPER into The Sensual World and explore new and hidden layers……….

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    I’m sittting ,,,,waiting to fall of my chair 😉
    I’m sure we all love it by heart….
    KATE succes ,,,,whatever its sounds,,,,I already LOVE it ,,
    sweet kisses from me GER

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    So, if I’m right, it will premiere in about 2 hours?
    I’m so excited, and just like with King Of The Mountain,
    I have to cheat from school.. It’s Kate!!! 🙂
    /Swedish fan

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    God, why I am so excited. Travelling for work, staying in a 5 star hotel and listening to BBC 2 from Australia. So looking forward in hearing her voice!

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    Oh dear… My first response is “what was she thinking about?” I’ll give it a few more plays but will be surprised if it grows on me. Maybe the full 6 minute+ version released tomorrow will sounds better…

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    Love it. Totally bonkers of course. At least it’s revamped. Reminded me of Radio head!

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    La Papesse

    This is sick tune! I love it, so creeeeepy…

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    Andrew S.

    I’m from Boston (U.S.) and woke up at 6 am and that felt like the longest 7-8 minutes in my life waiting to hear it. Loved it! Then I went to bed.

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