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George Michael tweets Deeper Understanding!

George Michael on plugs Kate on Twitter


BBC Radio 2 world single premiere! Exclusive audio clip!


Reminder: Deeper Understanding world premiere!


  1. Dreamtimetk

    This is what is called passive publicity…. which is brilliant!!!! I love this… Song of the… Month

  2. Isabelle

    Did he hear it all? Maybe Kate gave it to ‘some’ friends before the official premiere……

  3. Dreamtimetk

    I think maybe promo copies are already available……for radio stations and so on

  4. kennym

    What’s with his eyebrows? He looks like Jack Nicholson – and that’s not a good look. Is he naked?

  5. Selten

    Rest in Peace, dear George…

    P.S. I hope this was not an April 1st joke… I checked his Twitter and it’s not there.

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