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Second Director’s Cut Image

From the Official Facebook site: “There have been some great comments today. As an extra thank you, here’s the second official image associated with the release of Director’s Cut”



Deeper Understanding and Directors Cut Press


Get Kate into the charts on Sunday!


  1. I can’t post more nice comments, Kate. I’m doing my best! 😉

    Aw, the picture is stunningly beautiful, fresh and sweet.

    So natural! Wrinkles, white hairs, the lisptick, the smile..the eyes…and the clothes. Pure magic!

  2. mats

    She is still very pretty-but not that collar so much.But i think she realises that herself. Very Amos by the way…..

  3. Methinks I hear the sound of Kate re-engaging with her fanbase in a way she hasn’t really done since 1985.
    Quick! Someone ask her to do some concerts while she’s in this mood!

  4. Stunning. She’s gorgeous at any age. Love the touch of gray in her hair and that mischievous smile.

  5. Stephanie

    She looks simply stunning – a gorgeous shot. I love the outfit and her hair is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see more.

  6. Dreamtimetk

    The photo shot is PERFECT for the contest of a song like The Sensual World…… like a machiavellian girl 🙂

  7. LOVE this pic.

  8. Vindrag

    “Let’s all have fun together,
    I’ll lead”

    That’s what I feel when I look at this! =)
    I love it, other celebrites might be chocked to see you can look beautiful over 50 without surgery. Everything with her is perfection, and I am not exaggerating, I can’t find any flaws.

    Thank you Kate!
    /Swedish fan

  9. stefano64

    Solo gli occhi di Kate mi bastano…….

  10. Zoodle

    Kate looks about fourteen years old.
    And as for those pussy cat eyes! Prrrr!

  11. zounds

    So much in such a short time… going into ‘this is not really happening’ mode!

  12. John

    Wonderful pic, more Katelike than the previous one (although that was beautiful too). She looks stunning.

  13. Scott

    She’s matured very well. Gorgeous woman, maybe even moreso than she was when she was less than half her current age

  14. Jonathan

    This is my favorite picture of her ever!

  15. Lovely and Wonderful-the starched collar reminds me of Pagliacci.

  16. Barbara Komar

    Art has always been the true way for me.The only way.And seeing you, working, creating, bringing this art-child to life,always doing, simply living it;only confirms my belief.Art is life,and you Kate are life itself.You are an inspiration! A celebration of life. You are simply bursting and I love it!

    Can´t wait to hear the whole album! The imagery tickles my imagination,a little bit like Alice in Wonderland.
    Great thing you have given yourself time to breathe in Deeper Understanding, to just pursue the theme you were going for.Yeah, sounds new and evokes certain feelings…I must listen to it some more.

    As I said, I´m curious about the whole album,really pleased to hear you calling it new; I love the idea of a concept in music. Pieces put together and making a whole. And there is this added layer for this being a sort of parallel universe- concerning this being a new prism of music that has its own life.

    Anyway, looking forward to the Director´s Cut and the new stuff as well,

  17. Derek

    Stunning, I can’t stop listening to Deeper Understanding, it will be great if she charts this weekend. 5 decades of Kate, I feel so lucky to have been born into her time.

  18. Elizabeth

    The most beautiful woman in the world… always.

  19. Lisa Campbell

    Beautiful picture, she always looks stunning, not to keen on the collar though !!!!

  20. David

    Love this photo, she looks so sweet, I just want to give ger a hug! Much more of Kate’s personality in this than the previous one I think, though I liked that photo too. I’m very happy!

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