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Get Kate into the charts on Sunday!

OUR CAMPAIGN STARTS HERE! Okay, so here are the links UK fans need to use to purchase the MP3 of Deeper Understanding so that Kate has a fifth decade of releasing hit singles! The single is out NOW – the UK singles chart comes out on SUNDAY!  Remember that if you decide to pre-order the Director’s Cut album on iTunes you will receive the single download with that straight away. Of course if you are outside the UK, both Amazon and iTunes will be selling it in your territory too, so happy shopping and listening! As far as we know there will be no physical version of the single, so download away, it’s an average price of £0.89. Keep the amazing comments coming – thanks for helping make Monday April 4th our site’s most extraordinary day ever! (We are currently experiencing twice the number of visitors we did on the day that we announced Aerial!)

Amazon UK | iTunes | | Tesco


Second Director’s Cut Image


First peek at album artwork!


  1. Craig

    I can’t download it off Amazon UK for “geographical restrictions”. I live right next door – Ireland. I’ll try iTunes.

  2. Craig

    Woops, just realised this was a campaign for the UK charts specifically. Mea culpa 🙂

    • Yes, and we absolutely want Kate to do well in every territory, but traditionally we turn our eyes to the UK charts first when it comes to Kate AND we need to remind people that the chart race literally started at midnight!

  3. alice

    Already bought it! But I didn’t pre-order on iTunes… I want a nice shiny CD to stroke and huggle… Not that I would do that…
    Anyway, I really hope Kate charts, it would be great. The more I listen to the single the more I love it. Brilliant to hear her voice again.

  4. Available on US Itunes!!!

  5. I just pre-ordered the album and got my Deeper Understanding single from iTunes here in the US. Wish it counted toward getting Kate in the charts in the UK, but alas… Listening to DU on headphones in the full download from iTune is a real eye-opener. So many nuances you can’t hear in the YouTube clip. Loving it more.

  6. why don’t you use a UK-based proxy server to log in and download???

    anyway, i was appalled by Radio Five Live’s short-sighted review of the new Deeper Understanding. “I just don’t get it, it sounds like someone accidentally leant on the mixing desk; she’s a good singer, she doesn’t need electronic FX on her voice”…. completely over their heads went the artistic statement regarding the relationship between technology and humanity.

    i often feel sorry for Kate, that her career was guided at such a young age into the rhealm of idiotic shallow pop culture; she is so much more intelligent than that.

  7. Do we know if the pre-order download counts towards the singles chart? As opposed to purchasing the track by itself (iTunes will always let you ‘Complete My Album’ later)…

  8. Andrea Rubera

    Can’t finde where to pre-order Director’s cut… Seems only DU is available…

    • David Cross

      Hi Andrea, there is actually a link for the pre order on Amazon to the right of this page… an ad or just go to any of the sites HMV, Play, etc and search for Kate bush director’s cut

  9. I meant to order this and Lyra as downloads – only got Lyra so far and I need another voucher to complete the order!

  10. Vindrag (Sweden)

    I just purchased my copy from iTunes here!
    Is there anything I can do to help her in the UK?
    It could do much better, here are some current positions for Deeper Understanding:

    iTunes – Netherlands Top 300 Songs
    32. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)
    197. Wuthering Heights
    227. The Man With the Child in His Eyes

    iTunes – Finland Top 300 Songs
    32. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)
    214. Wuthering Heights

    iTunes – Sweden Top 300 Songs
    48. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)

    iTunes – Ireland Top 300 Songs
    52. Wuthering Heights
    101. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)
    165. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)

    iTunes – UK Top 300 Songs
    110. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)

    143. Wuthering Heights
    148. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)

    iTunes – Belgium Top 300 Songs
    139. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)

    iTunes – Italy Top 300 Songs
    156. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)

    iTunes – New Zealand Top 300 Songs
    173. Deeper Understanding (Director’s Cut)

    267. Wuthering Heights

    iTunes – Austria Top 300 Songs
    283. Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

  11. Vindrag (Sweden)

    UK Amazon (MP3 Songs)


  12. The album is 190 in the US as of 11am.
    The single hasn’t charted… yet.

  13. It’s now at 173… hopefully a steady rise.
    31 on the Pop chart.

  14. kate bush fan

    maybe i missunderstood ,is Kate gonna realese beside Director’s Cut a totally new album ??????????

    the post “Tracklisting announced! Short film coming! Kate talks about the upcoming album!” said that she is working on the new material

  15. Just heard the “new” Kate Bush single. Did the Bulgarian choir refuse to be in the reworked version? Very weird change in the chorus.


    I’m amazed! I’m just about to publish a book of short stories that include a short story I based on this song. I’m busy finishing the illustrations to it as we speak.
    I’m a long time Kate Bush fan, and the song always fascinated me!
    Please pop by top read my story is you find time 🙂

    Klara x

  17. Craig

    Yes, she is working on completely new material that will be released *after* Director’s Cut. Presumably next year (but knowing Kate it could be much later than that).

  18. Sky

    I’ve already placed an order for all versions of DC on Amazon, but yesterday evening I purchased DU from iTunes. Hope Kate’s rise in the charts is swift and infectious!

  19. Rob

    There’s a good chance Wuthering Heights could sneak a week in the Top 75 too – The Kick Inside version is currently no.101 on iTunes.

  20. Tim

    Yes it would be great but I am sorry I can’t see it selling.

  21. Jari

    Downloaded the amazing DU first thing yesterday morning. Not going to pre-order the album on iTunes though cause I NEEEEEDDDD the physical CDs. Just checked the download chart on swedish iTunes market and DU is now at position 41. Listening to DU and starting at Kate’s autograph on the wall addressed personally to me… Yikes!

  22. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Here is a new update for those interested! =)

    Finland – #29 (-14)
    Sweden – #35 (=)
    Netherlands – #36 (-5)
    UK – #86 (+8); #136 (+9)
    Belgium – #102 (-26)
    Ireland – #111 (-18); #147 (+15)
    Italy – #120 (-2); #262 (new)
    New Zealand – OUT

  23. Joab

    I can’t buy it. “Geographical restrictions”. All shops I’ve tried, who have it for purchase, won’t sell it to me. And all shops who would sell to my region don’t seem to have it. It’s like I’m being forced to look for it illegally, when I want to pay for it. So unbelievably frustrating.

    • Hi Tristan, this is the promo single sent to radio stations…there is no physical release for purchase.

      • Chris

        Unfortunately 😉 But of course I purchased the download. 2 times… one with my computer from amazon and one with my Iphone from Itunes…

  24. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Well, it’s still doing well on iTunes in Sweden, Finland and Netherlands, top 40.
    But what’s wrong with the UK? It’s at #106 now =(

    • Paulo

      I guess that’s because most of the people are pre-ordering DC and getting DU download. I don’t know if the uk chart will count these. If you see the itunes albums chart, the pre-order is like top 20.

  25. Rob

    Yes, it’s well down the iTunes chart now at 121 – even Wuthering Heights is still (just) in the Top 100. Wuthering Heights could actually finish higher in the chart than Deeper Understanding at this rate. I didn’t think DU would make the Top 10, but I thought it would at least get inside the Top 40.

  26. RobB

    If Deeper Understanding fails to make the ‘singles charts’ (sic), I for one will be highly delighted. If other artists can take the trouble to release their singles on compact disc, in jewel cases, with artwork, and with bonus songs, I don’t see why they should have to compete with artists like Kate who think they can get away with shoving their ‘single’ down a telephone wire and think thats all they need to do. Its sheer laziness, its selling music in a sound quality that is knowingly sub-standard and put quite simply, its just not good enough.

    • Ed

      Absolutely agree. I’m all for supporting Kate, but I won’t download it when I’m not getting anything for my money, except ‘owning’ the track a few weeks before I get it on the CD anyway.

      It’s not the first time that established artists have failed to make the charts when releasing download-only singles. Seems their fans are more traditional in the main and want something real for their money. Ironic in this case given the song’s subject matter. A deeper understanding?

  27. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Kate is doing great at the moment on Swedish iTunes =)

    #39 Deeper Understanding
    #45 Wuthering Heights
    #73 Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
    #78 Babooshka

    Yes, I somehow agree with you, I was hugely surprised when I heard they was’nt going to release a physical copy of the single, and quite sad, as I thought Kate prefered that over digital downloads.

  28. andrew owen

    where are the loyal fans, poor purchase’s for a great song, i can’t understand it. Buy it, support a great artist, she’s wonderful.

  29. Vindrag (Sweden)

    Deeper Understanding debuts at #87 in the UK

    I think this is a reliable site, so… Not as bad as I thought, predicted a debut below top 100, but still not a very good result! Oh well, the music is amazing 🙂

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