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Huffington Post writes about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s cover of This Woman’s Work (clip included) on Every Mother Counts a new 15-song Starbucks compilation CD co-produced by supermodel/maternal health advocate Christy Turlington Burns … Robert Burton-Bradley thinks Sat in Your Lap is one of the worst videos ever made … Zoe LyonsClownbusting” show reaches Melbourne … Denmark’s Treefight for Sunlight cover Wuthering Heights on their new album … Katie Noonan and Karin Schuapp include Kate covers in their showcase of “beautiful songs from the British Isles” … This Woman’s Work is one of ten “Awesome Movie Songs” … Royksopp include cover of Wuthering Heights in their San Francisco gig … WSO’s Orchestral Rock gig includes cover of Wuthering Heights with Salomaa on vocals … Camilla Kerslake covers This Woman’s Work on her new album Moments … Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred thinks Kate is the best female artist Britain has ever seen … The Dreaming a Gnostic text? … another remix of Running Up That HillJim Guthrie covers Wuthering Heights on his album Now, More Than EverKathy Sundquist and Jon Shelton cover The Man with the Child in his EyesComments on a blog which simply put up The Man with the Child in his Eyes from the Christmas Special … Best of Pop compilation 2010 included Running Up That Hill … Kate inspires artist Joe HendryMind Flip likes And So Is LoveUmYeahOkay tells us why Kate Bush is Cool … This Woman’s Work inspires author Mila RamosWhat a Wonderful Life wants to dream about Kate … The Simple Atheist posts seven covers of Wuthering HeightsFaery Sola, a graphic artist, is inspired by the video for Running Up That HillSosostyle likes Kate’s 80s photos … Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking examines The Red Shoes The AssHat Lounge salivates over the Wuthering Heights red dress video … It’s My Kind of Scene puts Running Up That Hill at no.55 in their Top 100 Music videos … This Woman’s Work is apparently the quintessential, classic, sex songMiss Moss updates Kate’s look from the Hounds of Love video … Mark Wallace considers The Infant Kiss and The Innocentsa disco mix of This Wonan’s Work??? … Prog Archives reviews The Sensual WorldIan Marchant wants to contact Kate to clear a quote for his new book … and finally Brian Kirst mentions Kate and the Gothic and Fantastic.


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Five Reasons Why Kate Bush Is Still More Vital Than Anyone Else


  1. Oh, how I missed this section!
    Something nice/interesting/a bit controversial/always entertaining/sometimes hilarious to read while having lunch!

  2. 15 Greatest Singers

    Isn’t it nice? 🙂

  3. Guusje

    That Robert Burton-Bradley is an ASS! Not that I know him.. 😉
    But I love Sat In Your Lap vid!

  4. Elizabeth

    Gwyneth cannot sing and I am appalled that she covered Kate’s song.

    • Rob't

      What’s interesting is that Ms Paltrow didn’t even try to reinterpret it. It sounds like an average karaoke night performance.

  5. Lane

    While I agree that the “Sat In Your Lap” video is a pretty bad (I love the song itself), I still watch it because she is incredibly hot in that video. No – I’m not that shallow and have loved Kate’s music, lyrics, voice and artistic choices for many, many (many) years. I’m just saying that although she is “beautiful” in most videos, I think she is particularly “hot” in that one in an early 80’s way – even with the roller skating bulls and stu-stu-stuttering edits still making me roll my eyes after all of these years.

  6. The article about Autotune is ripped off by a spam blog. It was originally written by Tom Ewing for the Guardian. The original is here:

    Please do not reward “Farmville Cheats and Codes” for stealing other people’s work by giving them incoming links.

    • Thanks – I will delete the link, and note that I already linked the original in the “Directors Cut” news items. Thought I had seen that word “slathered” recently.

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